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The Pruning Book
$ 21.95
Clear cut, accessible advice, with over hundreds of color photographs, detailed drawings, tips and tricks from the pros, The Pruning Book is an indispensible reference for the home gardener and landscaper. From the basic whether to, when to, which one and with what of pruning to the advanced, such as restoring bountiful, productive life to a neglected fruit tree to more exotic demonstrations of the art of pruning -pollarding, espalier, bonsai and topiary.

Lee Reich is one of the most widely read and respected voices in gardening and horticulture. A PhD who writes like a neighbor offering sage advice over the backyard fence, Dr. Reich is an expert in everything from fruit tree propagation to soil rehabilitation, and the rarest type of gardener - one who really knows what he’s doing with a pruning tool in his hand.
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