The Survival Stove BBQ/Grill
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The Survival BBQ/Grill has been custom designed to fit the Survival Stove and allow you to use its full potential of grilling (fresh fish, meat that you have packed in or hunted, vegetables etc.). The fuel for the stove when using the BBQ/Grill is simple hardwood blocks (about 1-3/4 x 2-3/4 x 3/4 works well) which you can make yourself from scrap or can get from us. Alternatively, charcoal can also be used when using the Survival Grill.

The Survival Grill weighs 7.5 lbs (complete with stove, 6 lbs without stove)., is 13-1/2" in diameter and about 10" high. The Survival Stove sits within the Grill's frame. Easy to set up and operate. Comes with a carry bag. It's beautifully designed and highly functional. Compact, lightweight and ecologically sound. We love it. The moveable steel cover (see photo) allows you to add more fuel and to heat a pot (water, soup, etc.) or grill with equal efficiency. A 10 lb. box of mixed hardwood blocks for the Grill is available as an accessory. Comes with instructions.

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