The Very Best Pressure Lantern
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This is not your ordinary Coleman lantern-and at this cost, it had better not be. Made in England to British Army MilSpec standards, it meets all NATO requirements for fuel pressure lamps. Chrome plated over Solid Brass construction.

Using only about 20 initial strokes of the internal pump, the lamp will burn with a very bright light for 11 hours at full power (much longer at lower power levels) and gives off substantial heat-both important army requirements, and a welcome feature during cooler camping months.

Designed to use kerosene as a fuel, which is much less expensive than more volatile fuels like naptha, and easier to transport. Comes with 3 mantles. Made in England.

The optional Reading and Ceiling Shade (shown mounted) drops in place over the top of the lamp. White on the underside, it throws the light down. The bowl and major parts are solid brass, with all threaded fittings. Lamp is 13-1/2 high. Base is 6-1/4" wide. Full instructions are supplied on all operations. Easy to operate.

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