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The Viking Lawn Game
$ 99
If you're looking for something fun to take to the beach this summer, or to have on hand for whenever the neighborhood kids drop by, try The Viking Game. Based on a traditional Scandinavian lawn game with similarities to both horseshoes and bocce, the Viking Game is played on any flat, open area 15' x 25' by two teams of up to 6 players each, ages 5 and up. Players toss wooden batons (battleaxes) to topple the opposing team’s shields (wooden blocks) and capture the King. Luck, skill and strategy is called for in this unique and fun outdoor game for the whole family and all their friends. For backyards, lawns, the beach, campsites – even on snow and ice. Made in Vermont of New England hardwood, the 21 game pieces fit nicely in their canvas tote. Rules, instructions and game variations included. Total weight 13 lbs.
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