Tomato Press & Berry Attachment

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Tomato Press & Berry Attachment
Make your own sauces and jams
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57A01.07 Tomato Press

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57A01.08 Optional Berry Attachment

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This tomato press works on the same basic concept as a meat or grain grinder—material goes into a top hopper, and a heavy-duty screw pushes it forward and grinds it up, carrying the seeds, skin, and detritus out to the end, while a screen filters the juices into a receptacle below. A bright red plastic hopper and juice chute easily disassemble for cleaning (as does the screen). Also available with an optional berry press, which is a bit longer, with a slightly more porous screen. Switching from one to the other is easily accomplished by removing a nut at the rear of the screw.

A very traditional-style kitchen tool with a few modern updates, this is ideal for home gardeners, cooks, and anyone who likes to make food from scratch. Best of all, it will last you many, many years.
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