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Tormek T3
$ 399
The Tormek T3 Grinder features the same high quality dependable results as the larger Tormek T7 with equal access to Tormek’s wide selection of accessory tool rests and jigs – see chart below. Perfectly suited for the home workshop and hobbyist, the T3 is ideal for sharpening, honing and polishing woodworking hand tools, knives, scissors, shears, axes and gouges of any shape with 100% repeatability.

Best of all, it does all this practically worry-free because it is water cooled. The 8” diameter, 1-5/8”” wide vertical grindstone runs at 90 rpm in a bath of cool water, preventing excessive heat build-up and ensuring that the edges of your tools will never have the temper drawn from them. And with the bonus 5” diameter, 1” wide Leather Honing Wheel mounted to the other side of the spindle, you can gently remove any burr and finish to a perfectly polished edge every time.

The accessories that come with the T3 as standard are the Square Edge Jig (with automatic 90° alignment of plane blades and chisels), the double-post Universal Support (for vertical and horizontal mount) with Micro-adjustment, 2.5 oz. Leather Honing Compound, the Tormek Handbook (a treasure trove of sharpening information, it covers every jig in their line) and instructional DVDs. With a heavy duty steel body and wide base, removable water trough.

See our chart below for all the Tormek accessories available to complete your Sharpening System – for maintaining a perfect polished edge on everything from gouges, scrapers and planer blades to scissors, knives – even axes.
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