Tough Coir Kitchen Scrubbers
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About 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" in size (1 1/8" thick), these fit the hand perfectly. Coir is the material that makes up the outer husks of coconuts and it’s hard to imagine a tougher natural material. After harvest, it is extensively processed (primarily in coastal areas in Asia and the Pacific islands), and wound into thick strands using galvanized wire as a core. One of the best end uses is scrubbers for kitchen clean-up tasks. It’s very tough but easy on the hands, easy to flush clean again (it’s very important to keep them clean for the next time) because there is no mesh matrix.

They will, of course, ultimately wear with heavy use, as do most scrubbers (even plastic ones) but the coir will last a long time – and are certainly a terrific value. Available as a set of 3 pieces.
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