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We like this style of tool because, although it is traditionally used to stretch and mount wire fencing, it is extremely versatile and tough – a real do-everything kind of tool. Equipped with multi-purpose grippers, twisters, hammer face, pry hook and cutters, you can pry with this, pound with it, cut with it – and even install wire fencing. 10 1/2 overall length. Even if your ranch is just a small back yard (so far), you’ll find this one a go-to tool all the time. This is as good as we've seen anywhere. These are a terrific value.

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  • Fence Tool

    Jon, 5/12/2015 This is exactly what I need A+++
  • Farmers Fencing Pliers

    Fred Perret, 1/31/2014 I grew up on a big dairy farm in Bethlehem CT. I strung many a mile of new barbed wire fence and repaired many of miles to. These pliers are the exact replica of the ones my Dad taught me to use. They are superb in their design and will last forever. You will not find these in a big box store. They are heavy enough to use as a hammer and you can use the hook nose to pry out fencing nails while you hammer the other end. inside and outside cutting jaws make these pliers universal. the top jaw will bull a bulls teeth!
  • Most Useful Tool

    Jeff, 1/22/2014 I have six acres of property around my house and this tool is is in the tractor toolbox year round. It gets used for everything and this one is better quality that the one that just gave out after 20 some years. My grandchildren will inherit this one!!
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