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Traditional 5/16 in Capacity Iron Hand Drill
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Traditional 5/16 in Capacity Iron Hand Drill

Not slick for sure, but a nice piece of English “old-fashioned” design – plus a fine set of 21 HSS Twist Drill Bits

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89B05.01 Trad. Iron Hand Drill
In Stock $24.95 $19.95  
07C01.07 21 Piece HSS Bit Set
In Stock $19.95 $9.00  
89B05.10 Trad. Drill + Bit Set
In Stock $44.90 $33.80  
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This India-made Traditional Iron Hand Drill is only medium quality but as a replica of an English model widely used in the middle part of the last century, it’s a solid tool that will give years of good service – and it’s very affordable if your tool budget is a bit tight. (Tip: Keep the chuck clean and the screw holding the driving handle bedded tight.) We carry a German made hand drill of the same general 2-pinion style (German-Made Hand Drill). It's a lovely tool but costs over $45. The Indian drill is a fine value, not to be dismissed as unworthy.

The companion set of 21 HSS twist drill bits (1/16 to 3/8") is a fine value for a reliable journeyman set. (Note: the drill shanks above 5/16" are not necked down so the 4 largest sizes will not fit the in the Indian Hand Drill. However, they will certainly work fine other larger chucks in your shop.)

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :3 
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1  - 
Reviewed By:   (Richmond, VA) 
The handle of this drill unscrews as you use it. I am using these for a elementary teacher workshop and do not want to frustrate them.

2  - 
Drill Chuck Doesn't Work
Reviewed By:   (Montreal, Quebec) 
When the drill arrived, there was what looked like oil on the surface of the chuck, some of which had transferred to the liner bag. When I opened the bag to wipe it off, the substance was dried solid, and the teeth inside the chuck didn't move properly when I tried to open it up to test with a drill bit. It's going back, and I'll just buy the German-made one like I should have done in the first place.

5  - 
Glad these are still around
Reviewed By:   (Wichita, KS) 
I work with plastics and extremely small fine wood pieces. No splitting and perfect holes.

1  - 
Disappointing Quality and Performance
Reviewed By:   (Boston, MA) 
The upper handle ferrule was slightly deformed and glued on to the handle at a slight angle. The handle did screw onto the drill firmly but not in perfect alignment. This was mainly an aesthetic problem. In the pictures on the website of course the entire drill looks much, much better than what I received. There is a serious problem with the drill I received. It is double pinion but the pinion gear nearest to the chuck is off-axis and wobbles when the drill handle is turned. Quite frequently the lower pinion and the main handle wheel gear catch and stop, locking up. Needless to say this is rather irritating and negatively affects the drilling. The upper pinion gear is okay. If the lower pinion gear had been just like the upper pinion gear it would not catch and lock up randomly. Sometimes it engages smoothly but it will lock up at least every 30 to 60 seconds. The chuck housing itself is reasonable quality but the three internal chuck jaws are not symmetrical - one is slightly larger than the others and slightly deformed. As a consequence the chuck does not open up as wide as it should and this results in limiting the drill bit diameter that can be fitted into the chuck. The chuck could be replaced but it would be throwing good money after bad because the lower pinion gear is malformed enough to be very problematic. I bought the kit, both the drill bit set and the drill together. But the chuck jaws problem aside, the largest 3 drill bits would never fit into the chuck though with the chuck jaw defect the largest 4 drill bits will not fit and the fifth largest has to be wiggled into the chuck. Your mileage may vary. Maybe you'll get two good pinion gears and symmetrical chuck jaws but I doubt the chuck jaws would be any smaller to allow all drill bits in the accompanying drill bit set to fit into the chuck. The handle ferrule poor quality mounting is mainly aesthetic but all the problems together mean I wouldn't recommend this drill.

5  - 
Great Little Drill
Reviewed By:   (Raytown, Missouri) 
This is a wonderful drill. We all know there are times when a power drill is way too much tool for the job. Well, this hand drill is exactly what is needed in those situations. This is a top notch hand drill. The dual gears make for easy cranking. And, if you get the hand drill with the drill bits, you have an excellent drill for those times when a power drill just isn't best for this job. Growing up, my father had a hand drill similar to this one. Even then, I found myself going to the hand drill rather than the power option. My father would ask why and I would always respond that my drilling is more precise with the hand drill. Bottom line: you can't go wrong purchasing this hand drill.

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