Traditional Antique Glass "Wasp Traps"
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The time-honored way these work is that the wasp (or hornet, yellowjacket, or fly) is enticed by any sweet liquid to fly up into the jar through the hole in the base. Once inside, the bug will invariably drown. When full, you simply pull out the top stopper and empty the Trap. Hang it from any convenient branch, nail or hook; it requires no maintenance whatsoever, except an occasional look-see and cleaning. Leave outdoors all the time, except if freezing.

These are still made today, but ours are genuine antique hand-made Victorian traps - and they look it. They have a great deal of style, and are very decorative as well as functional.

Each is about 5-1/2 tall and 4" wide, and each comes with its wire hook. Some variation in size should be expected. All show their age. (NOTE: The cork may be new.)

Made in Great Britain.

Due to exceptionally strong demand this holiday season, we have sold out of Traditional Victorian Antique Wasp Traps. Unfortunately, our long time supplier in Great Britain has so far been unable to locate more Victorian traps despite much effort. We will, of course, keep looking but for the time being our supply has tapped out.
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