Traditional Magnetic Bar Tool Holders

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Traditional Magnetic Bar Tool Holders
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29A01.02 12" Magn Tool Bar

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29A01.03 24" Magn Tool Bar

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29A01.20 12" Magn Tool Bar (2)

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29A01.30 24" Magn Tool Bar (2)

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These are the most traditional way to easily hang steel bodied tools (screwdrivers, chisels, small planes, wrenches, etc) on a wall surface. Just fasten each end of the bar to the wall, and you are in business. Mount them end to end and/or stack them in rows - whatever makes sense in your circumstance. Very economical.

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  • Tool Holders

    Mark Schimpf, 1/28/2015 Heavy duty magnets hold tools securely.
  • SO SO

    Robert Rueckert, 1/28/2015 Whoever thought the manufacturing of this product through really messed up. Wall studs are usually 16 not 12 or 24". Also check out the last 1.5" on the right and left, no magnets, so less tools can be hung up. I would think twice before buying!"
  • Magnetic Bars

    Jerome H. Mann, 3/16/2014 I was using Velcro to keep my model ship building area neat and the tools accessible. After a few months the Velcro began to unravel from the tools causing them to fall. Since the Shipyard" was in my garage and was prone to wide variations of temperature I tried self adhesive magnetic tape, that was a total disaster. When I saw the ad in your catalog I reacted immediately and ordered six 12" strips. When the package arrived I wasted no time installing them on and over my workbench and reorganizing my tools. Now I no longer have to check to see if any tool has fallen or is missing. All my tools are within arms reach and SECURE. Thanks to Garrett Wade the entire cost was under $50.00 and took less than an hour to install and rearrange my space...Thank you!"
  • Works Great

    Al Wax, 12/7/2013 Strong magnet holds heavy hand tools. I use it for garden tools. However, if you do not have wallboard, the screw holes may not match you joists.
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