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Traveling Sprinkler
$ 149.95
If you've got a large lawn and can't baby-sit the job all day, this unique cast iron Traveling Sprinkler, designed and made in the USA, is just the ticket. And it really saves time. Water flow not only rotates the 13 long spray arms (which can be adjusted to spray a path up to 54 ft. wide with a pressure of 60 lbs./sq. ft.), it advances the sprinkler at a steady rate. Depending on the hose size and weight, the "tractor" will pull 100-150 ft. of hose as it moves. Two travel speeds and the ability to adjust the elevation of the spray arms allows you completely control the amount of saturation you achieve.

All you do is lay the path you want the sprinkler to follow by placing the front wheel on the hose and the wheels on either side. The sprinkler will travel down the preset path until it reaches the faucet. If you are going to be away for a long time, we recommend that you install our Aqua Uno Timer at the faucet.

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