Triple Action Clutch Yo-Yo

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Triple Action Clutch Yo-Yo
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Fixed Axle, Free Spin & Auto Return; For beginners & experts alike
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69Y01.02 High Performance Yo-Yo (Red)

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69Y01.03 High Performance Yo-Yo (Blue)

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Our High Performance Yo-Yo is Swiss-designed and made of durable polycarbonate (the same trusty stuff used in bullet-proof glass) and features a triple-action clutch for fixed axle, auto-return and free spin operation. It is perfectly-balanced with an ergonomic butterfly-style design and a translucent body which allows full visibility of the sophisticated mechanics within.

Best of all (for novices like us) an integral switch controls the interior clutch-mechanism and allows the user to easily switch between modes of operation. Switching from beginner to pro-level functionality makes the yo-yo suitable for any proficiency level in the family, and it will still be fun and challenging even as skills improve. Step-by-step instructions include a web address illustrating hundreds of tips and tricks to practice and perform. Makes a really good stocking stuffer. In translucent red or blue.

Buy three or more of any color - including mixed colors - and save 10%

FUN FACT: Baby boomers (like us) might think the yo-yo was born in the 50's along with the hula hoop, but in fact, it is civilization's second oldest recorded child's toy - pre-dated only by the doll.

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