Two Fireplace Blowers That Really Work Well

Clearance Two Fireplace Blowers That Really Work Well
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26F01.02 American Hardwood Bellows

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Every fire needs a little bit of help now and then. Getting down on your hands and knees and blowing can help, but your expelled breath really is not well directed. You typically don't get great result - just red in the face with ashes in your eyes.

A good bellows can really do the job efficiently. Ours is made of solid American Walnut with a Brass nozzle and brass decorative tacks. It's a very handsome addition to your fireplace.

To complement the Bellows, the 36" long Blower/Poker Combination allows you to blow a very targeted stream of air at the base of the fire while safely standing up and also reposition logs as the fire burns down. It really works very, very well.
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