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Two-Handed Garden Mallet
$ 179
Have you ever wished for a real old-fashioned mallet to drive those stakes (or anything like them) well into the ground without becoming exhausted? Well, we have, and here’s a real solution. The secret is in the 43 wood handle and a 4-1/2" diameter, 8-1/4 lbs solid hardwood head (with iron reinforcing straps). You really don't have to swing it. Just raise it over your head and using a modicum of muscle and 43" of leverage, let it drop on the "target". This will create huge momentum that translates into impact. And the diameter of the head means you're not going to miss. (It has 225% the surface area of a 3" diameter sledge.)

Made by a Dutch firm that makes some beautiful and unusual gardening tools that we have enthusiastically added. We love this one because it's both beautiful and tough. Not cheap but it's terrific to use. Air shipping not available.
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