Powerful Model TM15 LED Hi-Tech Flashlight

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Sale Powerful Model TM15 LED Hi-Tech Flashlight
Model TM15 - Best in Class
Internal self-charging capability
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04D05.16 Model TM15 Hi-Tech Flashlight

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04D03.05 Four Pack of CR123 Batteries

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04D05.07 #18650 Rechargeable Battery (1)

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04D03.08 2 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries 18650

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04D05.10 Intellicharger Model i4

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The enhancements in design and power of Hi-Tech flashlights during the past 5 years have been nothing short of breathtaking and revolutionary. We constantly monitor these developments in our commitment to bring you the best function and best values. Although certainly expensive, the TM15 stands out as an exceptional development for those users who want the best. Its specifications are quite awesome. Its maximum beam throw is close to 2,000 ft.

Using three high performance Cree XM-L LEDs, with 2,450 lumen output the TM15 is an extremely bright LED flashlight - and it is very compact at 6" long (barrel diameter 2") and light in weight at 1 lb. It's very comfortable to hold, and comes with a well designed belt-loop nylon holster for long distance carry. Output is available at 5 different levels from 2,450 lumen (max Turbo power) to 95 lumens (lowest power). Run time availability at constant power is 1 hour at Turbo power to 52 hours - over 2 days -with rechargeable batteries) or 36 hours (using CR123A batteries) running at the lowest power level.

The body is constructed of aircraft MilSpec aluminum and is waterproof to a depth of 6 ft. It uses an innovative single button 2-stage switch on the barrel and employs an integrated power indicator display for remaining battery life. Its circuitry has thermal protection to prevent overheating (especially important at Turbo power levels).

The TM15 is compatible with both #18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries (it uses four) or with familiar CR123A lithium batteries (it uses eight). We supply your TM15 with eight CR123A's at no extra charge - a $25.90 retail value. NOTE: the included batteries are not rechargeable. If you want rechargeable ones, please order them above. Unusually (we have never seen this feature on any other flashlight), it is designed to run in an Emergency on only one #18650 or two CR123As. We think this is fantastic. The TM15 has an internal self-charging capability with #18650 rechargeable batteries (batteries not included). Complete usage instructions are provided.

While the light has an internal self-charging capability, some might find an additional charger helpful to keep spare batteries at the ready. The Model i4 Charger is a universal, automatic smart-charger compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries. It will automatically identify Li-Ion (Lithium) batteries (it will handle 10 different types), and Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries (e.g. AA, AA or C) and apply the appropriate charging mode (constant charge current or voltage or trickle charge). Each of the four slots are microcomputer-controlled capable of charging different battery types simultaneously.

It automatically detects battery status and selects the correct voltage and charge mode. And it automatically stops charging when complete. Reverse polarity protection is provided. Works on any voltage between 100 V and 240 V, and a separate 12 V car power cord is also included for mobile charging. This is a superb piece of gear.

Output & Runtime:
(2,450 Lumens = 1 hrs.) (1,300 Lumens = 3.17 hrs.) (570 Lumens = 8.33 hrs.) (300 Lumens = 16.5 hrs.) (95 Lumens = 36 hrs.)
IPX – 8
363 Meters or 3907.3 feet
Light Pattern:
Spot / Strobe and S.O.S
Battery Type:
4 x 18650 Li-ion or 8 x CR123 Batteries
Emitter Type:
3 x Cree XM-L LED’s

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  • Excellent Product

    Ed, 7/4/2013 I purchased this flashlight for a number of reasons, one of the more important was that I just wanted to see how much flashlight you could get for this much money. I already owned a Surefire product which commands this sort of price but was curious to see what the advancing technology could offer. I have not been disappointed. Firstly, this is a well machined, finely detailed device which belies its Chinese ancestry. Be aware that it is very bright but is a floodlight and not a spotlight; a test pattern reveals that its brightest area is a doughnut shaped ring with maximum intensity about 5 degrees off-center. If you want a bright spotlight to blind animals, get an MX3 Triton (comment made in light of Mr. Baumgardner's review). This light has a thread mount for a camera tripod and would be unbeatable with a camera tripod to illuminate a nighttime tire changing scene. I like the dimensions as it makes for an easily gripped outside diameter without the overly long profile of the MX3. It is not a lightweight and would not be appropriate to carry backpacking.The one pound weight described is without batteries. I use it with the rechargeable 18640 batteries and find the internal recharging circuit a plus. The car charging adapter was not included with my shipment; this is not important to me but might be to others. It has an automatic thermal shutoff at 60 degrees centigrade which all of these high power lights should include; I had one fail previously and have concluded that it was thermal fusion of the internal circuits. I've not had this one trip yet. The instruction sheet is clearly written and easy to follow. This is important because of the techniques required to place it in a safe, storage mode and to activate the Turbo power mode. Also unique in my experience is an internal battery voltage monitoring system to alert the owner to the state of charge of the batteries. If you've got the money, this instrument would be a go.
  • Flashlight

    Bill, 3/23/2013 Brightest flashlight around. Glad I bought it.
  • Nitecore LED Flashlight

    Barry Baumgardner, 3/23/2013 One of Nitecore's brightest LED flashlights with over 2450 lumens, it outperforms the rest and turns night into daylight. Bright enough to deter some wild animals, I have found. One of the brightest LED flashlights in the world at this time, it uses CR123 batteries or rechargeable Lithium batteries.
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