Ultra-Thin Credit Card Sized Super-Sharp Personal Knife

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Clearance Ultra-Thin Credit Card Sized Super-Sharp Personal Knife
Folds Flat to Resemble Credit Card
Available Only In Black
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Garrett Wade has unexpectedly acquired a substantial but limited quantity of this famous Iain Sinclair signature knife. This is the genuine authentic tool and is extremely scarce now. We don't know when more may become available. But there are fake (even signed), counterfeit knock-offs on the market and you should beware of them.

Not only an ingenious conversation piece and a fun gift for any knife enthusiast, the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife is a great little utility knife. Super slim and lightweight with a black oxide stainless surgical steel 2-1/2" drop point blade plus a serrated thumb rest and finger guard.
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But Wait! With just three ingenious folding operations the knife magically shape-shifts into a credit card! Rather, it folds into its own safety storage & transport sheath, the dimensions of which closely match a standard credit card. The blade is securely locked in an indented mold with little chance of accident. With a polypropylene body and reinforced hinges, the card tucks away easily in almost any wallet or coin purse - inconspicuous until needed. It's a very clever, useful tool, either for your own use or as a unique gift and fun surprise.

NOTE: The Silver Blade model is no longer available.
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Stainless Steel
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15 reviews 0 5 4.6
Overall Rating
  • interesting, maybe handy.

    A Paul Goldblum, 6/26/2016 interesting, nearly unique, great cocktail party talk point, and in some situations very handy. Delighted to own it.
  • Nice back up knife

    Bernie Kalmus, 3/3/2016 it is convenient to carry in my wallet. Not designed for a heavy work load.
  • Great Item!

    Henry Schudalla, 3/3/2016 Excellent! Is as advertised.
  • Funny Folder

    Jack Quinlan, 3/2/2014 The only reason for four stars instead of five is that this nifty item is exactly as it is presented; a novelty. It's fun to play with, razor sharp from the maker and fits in your wallet, it just isn't very sturdy. This is no surprise and not a condemnation, just a fact. I bought three of them and am pleased with the decision, but I'm not going to try to dress out a deer with one.
  • Amazing

    Jeff, 1/22/2014 Great tool to have in my wallet. I carry a Swiss Army Knife Super Tinker in my pocket but not when I dress us. This means I'll always an edge when I need one for whatever purpose. I just hope I remember to take it out of my wallet before I go through security checkpoints! Easy to forget...
  • This is so Cool

    Elena, 12/31/2013 I bought two of these for my son and my brother. They both had the same reaction, Wow, this is so cool"."
  • Great Christmas Stocking Gift

    Jack, 12/28/2013 Bought eight (4 of each color) of these knives for my adult children (four married couples) as stocking stuffers. Compact, sharp, easy to fold. They liked them very much.
  • The Best Knife Purchase I Have Made

    Ricky, 12/25/2013 Since buying this knife and keeping it in my wallet almost two weeks ago, I have found it to be incredibly useful. Sometimes I forget to take my pocket knife when I go out, but I always remember to bring my wallet. And now, whenever I have my wallet, I have a durable, yet surprisingly sharp knife. The plastic of the card is a little thicker than a credit card, making it bulge a little more when it's in your wallet. However, it is worth it to have the knife wherever I go. It's durable enough to be used as a normal pocket knife and sharp enough to be used in place of an Exacto knife. Plus, it's perfect for showing off to other knife enthusiasts. It is definitely the best knife purchase I could have made.
  • Innovative but stay sharp

    John Hogan, 4/22/2013 Very handy knife. It is sharp and requires attention when setting up and using. I would not recommend for young children or inattentive adults. Also don't store in your wallet if flying often. Good convenient product but stay aware of what it is.
  • Handy Blade

    Tobias Kunke, 3/25/2013 The Cardsharp Folding Credit Card Knife is one of the handiest knives around. It truly is the size of a credit card and I carry mine in my wallet right behind a credit card. It has come in handy on more than one occasion when all I had with me was my wallet and my phone.
  • Good backup knife

    Shawn, 2/17/2013 The unfolded card was a little floppier than I expected, but this is a surprising well made little knife. As a backup knife stored in the wallet, it is truly impressive. Far better than most of the ultra compact knives and survival tools designed for wallet carry.
  • Positive

    Robert Greene, 1/17/2013 I was very satisfied with this very handy knife. Very easy to carry. Thanks for the good service
  • Sharp Knife!

    Neil Kalmanson, 1/1/2013 The Folding Credit Card Knife has a remarkably thin (and sharp!) blade, that still remains sturdy! The folding mechanism, besides being a great conversation piece, works well and is simple to transform.
  • Card knife

    Bruce, 1/1/2013 Works great and fits in wallet like a card quick to use when needed
  • Credit car knife

    Javier B., 12/27/2012 Excellent cutting ability fast easy to use dependable . It was a gift to someone else now I want one for myself :)
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