Universal Sharpening System

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Universal Sharpening System
combination corundum & diamond surfaces
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37B01.02 Double-Sided Corundum Surface

In stock


37B01.03 Double-Sided Diamond Surface

In stock


These two are a matched pair. They will provide excellent service on all personal or kitchen knives and other cutting edge tools. The double-sided Diamond surfaces are graded 360 and 600 grit – for coarse and semi-coarse sharpening: dull edge, chips in the edge etc. The 360 grit side is also ideal for re-flattening either side of the corundum whetstone by rubbing one surface against the other if the stone ever becomes dished in the middle.

The Corundum Whetstone is graded as 1000 and 3000 grit. It is used for honing and polishing the cutting edge. Water is the lubricant for all.

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  • Whet Stones and Diamond Plate plus other GREAT items

    Leo Maestas, 8/25/2016 The Whet stones and Diamond stone that I purchased and all other items that I have purchased from Garrett Wade are of great value, I shopped around for said products and I could not find any product that came as the products that I found through Garrett Wade the items that I have purchased and there was lots of items that I have purchased through Garrett Wade they stand up to the test. I will continue to purchase items through Garrett Wade as time permits. I'am so satisfied with the money that I have spent greatly appreciate Garrett Wade coming into my wood working projects they have filled my jobs most earnestly. I will always recommend Garrett Wade to my woodworking friends Thanks Garrett Wade.
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