Universal Tactical Light

Winter Sale Universal Tactical Light
Maximum flexible functionality for all-round personal use
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04D05.12 Universal Tactical Light

Available 02/09/2016

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If what you need is one flashlight that's medium- sized, light in weight, easy to operate and control, uses easy-to-get batteries and has broad functionality in power and run time, this is the one that you want to acquire, instead of others that are more specialized. And the integral long belt clip ensures that you are not going to lose this one.

It's only 5" long and weighs just 4 oz. Uses two AA's, which power five lumen levels, from 3 to 280. Run times range from 2 hours at near max power up to 150 hours (over 6 days of continuous "on") for nighttime exploration. Two buttons are close together on the head for convenient control on/off and to switch between levels. And a tiny indicator red light will flash every 3 seconds to act as a permanent locator should you lose track of your flashlight. Enthusiastically recommended as an all-rounder.

Lumens: 3, 15, 60, 200, 280
Estim. Max Useful Range: 450 ft
Light Pattern: Spot/Diffuse
Battery: Two AA (not included)

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