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USA Made Working Axes
Not fancy but with solid function and a great value
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91P06.04 USA Kindling Axe

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91P06.05 USA Forest Axe

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With Hickory handles and drop forged and hardened heads, these two fine axes will deliver for you year after year. The Kindling Axe has a 2-1/2 lb head and a 17-1/2" long handle. The larger Forest Axe head weighs 3 lb. and the handle is 26" long. Each comes with a fitted leather edge guard. Well made, solid tools.

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Overall Rating
  • USA made kindling axe

    Nina, 1/6/2017 The product is awesome! Exactly what my husband wanted! Beautifully made! Thank you!
  • Kindling Axe

    Louis Shinen, 7/6/2016 This hatchet is perfect for my needs. The local hardware stores did not have any quality hatchets in stock. I wanted something heavy enough to split kindling from 18" split rounds of fir. This was just right for the job. I keep it in my teardrop camp trailer alongside my ax. Thanks Garrrett Wade.
  • Great Axe

    Donnie the Axe Guy, 10/6/2014 I bought the Kindling Axe needing something smaller to cut kindling and small branches. The first time I used it, I found it was everything I was looking for. Thanks
  • Excellent Axe

    Jim Cooke, 5/14/2013 Purchased for general work, around the yard. Sharp edge right out of the box, well balanced, easy to swing. Maybe not suited to large trees, but great for light to medium work.
  • Another opinion

    creatio ex nihilo, 2/27/2012 This is a nice light weight American made axe which is good for limbing out trees or cutting brush. Like the previous reviewer I too found that the axe took an edge and could be honed sharp. I also found the head was loose on the hickory handle. However the head is easily tightened by soaking the head of the axe in a pan of water. The head is tight and if it loosens again I plan to repeat the same process. I will purchase other items as need arises.
  • ehhh...

    pyromaniac, 12/14/2011 This axe is ok, it takes an edge really well with a file and diamond stone, and out of the three logs I split with it, and each time it went through like a hot knife through butter. That's the only good things I have to say. The cons are the wedge that holds the axe handle in to the head is made of soft aluminum and after pulling my axe out of the stump I was splitting on, the handle started to get really loose in the head. I tried to remove the wedge without harming the handle so I could replace it with a spare wooden wedge I had left over from another axe, but it was epoxied in place. Finally I gave up and returned the axe. So to review, the forest axe really holds an edge, is quick to sharpen and touch up with a diamond stone, but the handle comes loose really quickly and needs a wooden wedge instead of the soft aluminum one that's already in it.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your thoughts about this tool. We have contacted the manufacturer and they said that they do not get many complaints about this tool and that you may have received one which is defective.

    Please feel free to send the axe back using the return label which came with the package. We will give you a full refund. Or, if you wish, will send out another after it has been carefully inspected.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
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