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Sale USA Mini Maul & Splitting Wedges
Two choices of wedge
Good working tools make the job efficient
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91P09.01 Small Hand Maul

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91P06.06 5 lb Straight Splitting Wedge

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91P06.10 5 lb Straight Splitting Wedge (2)

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26D17.01 Twisted Splitting Wedge

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26D17.10 Twisted Splitting Wedge (2)

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We are fans of splitting log rounds with a 3 lb. hand sledge striking steel wedges (probably because of our lack of skill reliably aiming a long handled maul). But we’ve got to say that this new 3-1/4 lb. Mini Maul with its 16" long Hickory handle is a whole lot better than any hand sledge we have ever used. It simply delivers more momentum accurately – which translates into splitting force.

Steel wedges complete the team – we have two choices. The more expensive 8 inch 3¾ lb hand forged Swedish Twisted Splitting Wedge has a special spiral shape, so it twists as it is driven into the log, multiplying the splitting forces (an old woodsman's trick). And although they are not twisted like the Swedish wedge, the 9" long 5 lb USA-made Straight Wedges do the job nicely. (By the way, always keep two on hand, in case one gets stuck.)

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  • 5 lb Straight Splitting Wedge

    VMIJPP, 8/22/2015 Ordered one of these a few days ago. It arrived yesterday and I put it to use immediately on an 18-inch diameter unseasoned oak round that had resisted the maul. It did the trick! The head of the wedge-- it's made by Council Tool, by the way-- does show some dings after the good pounding from my Husqvarna maul. I expect I'll be getting a second one in the near future.
  • Best Ever

    Jane, 7/5/2014 Best wedge I have ever used.
  • Mini Maul- Head Detaches

    Jane W, 7/5/2014 The wedge is superb - best ever. However, the head of the mini maul came off after approximately 1/2 hour of use. I sent it back.
  • Wow!

    Charles Udell, 11/25/2010 When the splitters arrived, went right out and found the most brach laden, twisted grain log I could find in my to be split" pile. 1 stroke and it dug in deep; two strokes and it split the log in half! Wow!"
  • The Best Wedge I've Ever Used

    Tom Wylie, 1/8/2010 I've been cutting fire wood for 30 yrs. My grand father taught me to use and take care of quality tools. The old wedges I now have from my grand father are sitting on the shelf. When I need a wedge for splitting, I reach for this little gem. It splits green as well as seasoned wood easy. My friends can't believe how easy it it to split with these wedges. Thanks for these. I've had mine for many years. I'll pass them on to my kids.
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