Vital Grill
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Using the high heat output of the popular Survival Stove (which is an integral part of the Vital Grill), this grill will create high heat with any available dry fuel material using an internal forge-like forced air fan (runs for 24 hrs on 2AA batteries).

About 13-1/2" in diameter (12" high), the VitalGrill comes with a diffuser plate for even heating and a traditional round BBQ-style steel matrix. Both have sliding center sections to allow access to the fuel chamber during grilling. Cook with the top on or off. The base includes a holder for the top.

Exceptionally useful for patio or terrace table-top grilling, the Grill can even be highly useful at a remote campsite because of the abundance of combustible material (It's not recommended for easy personal packing-in though, as it weighs 11 lbs).

We think this is a gem of design, very eco-friendly and highly functional. A 10 lb box of mixed woodblocks/scraps is available to get started if necessary. Instructions & tips included.
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