Waterproof Match Case & Matches
$ 11.95 16.50
Keeping your matches dry has to be a high priority for any outdoors person. Made of nickel plated solid brass, this 7/8" diameter (2-1/2" long) case is rubber sealed and completely waterproof. Designed to keep "strike-anywhere" matches absolutely dry in any kind of conditions when camping, hiking or working remotely. The fact that it's been in use for over 100 years is proof positive that it works. The checkering on the outside surface doubles as a striking surface if needed.

Our wind and waterproof Survival Matches also fit this waterproof case - sort of like belt and suspenders. Made to NATO specs, these don't look like ordinary "strike anywhere" matches and they aren't. The heads are exceptionally long with specially waterproofed tips to light easily even in the rain and to burn fiercely in a stiff wind. Each "pack" comes with 50 matches + 4 striking surfaces in total. All this takes up almost zero space in a backpack but could ensure your survival in a real emergency.
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