Wetterlings Chopping Axes

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Wetterlings Chopping Axes
Well-dimensioned and finely balanced
Felling Trees and Limbing Logs
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26D20.01 Swedish Felling Axe

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26D20.02 Swedish Felling Axe Replacement Handle

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Hand forged of Swedish carbon alloy steel using multi-ton presses to produce an exceptionally strong, durable edge. Ground, hardened and tempered by master blacksmiths to keep a Rockwell hardness of 56-58. Hand fitted with hardwood wedges and steel rings to handles of shock-resistant American heartwood hickory. Every Wetterlings axe has in this way been hand-made and eye-measured with the greatest care since 1880.

The Swedish Felling Axe is a large, powerful tool - the workhorse of the forest. Suitable for felling trees and bucking large logs. It features the traditional slim profile of a cutting tool designed for deep penetration and slicing through wood fibers. The axe weighs 4-1/5 lb. with a 32" curved hickory handle. 7-1/2" Axe head with a 3-3/4" cutting edge. With a magnetic leather edge sheath.

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  • Don't buy the Wetterlings small axe

    Bill Woche, 2/16/2017 I have the smaller of the two axes shown in the picture and have been using it mainly to split kindling from larger rounds. It has worked great for about two years then the head started loosening. Now it has finally broken almost entirely where the handle meets the eye. So I'm left with a nice axe head and no way of replacing the handle. Would not recommend this axe
  • Swedish Felling Axe

    Kevin B, 5/21/2016 This axe is definitely worth the price. The handle is substantial, and overall well balanced. I ordered a back up handle but received the wrong one twice. I'm sure they'll make it right. I've just not gotten around to sending them back.

  • Excellent Quality For The Price

    Cadwaladr, 5/24/2014 I have both the limbing and felling axes and I've had them for several years. The quality of the forging is top notch, I think it's comparable to Gransfors Bruks, but much more reasonably priced. I just had a couple of quibbles. I didn't care for the finish on the handles, but I scraped it off and finished them with plain beeswax. I found that the little round wedge on the limbing axe didn't stay in place, and the head started to come loose, but I replaced it with a couple of regular straight steel wedges and it's been fine since then. To me those are minor issues and I'm very satisfied with the axes.
  • Axe broke 1 use

    Andrew, 4/21/2013 Axe came defective with a loose head. I expected quality and decided that if Garret Wade is going to send me an axe like this, then I'm just going to go ahead and use it and see what it's made out of. Sure enough, it broke after 1 use of carefully felling a medium sized hardwood tree. The head caused the shaft to split down the middle due to the improper fixing of the head. Very disappointed and hope to get a new axe.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry to hear about your experience. We have been selling Wetterling Axes for over a decade - they make great products and we stand behind them 100%. The handles are wood, and wood swells and shrinks. We recommend if an axe head is ever loose you drive the wedge at the top in a little deeper to lock the head in place. Please feel free to send your axe back for a full refund.
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