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Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe
The Garrett Wade Workshop
Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe Videos
Our friend Anthony knows a thing or two about splitting wood with an axe. We sent him one of our favorites, the Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe, one of the excellent hand forged axes from Sweden that we are proud to carry. Check out Anthony's interesting and informative video of the Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe.

Anthony Francis is a carpenter by trade and a long-time friend of Garrett Wade. He lives with his wife and son in the great evergreen forest of the Pacific Northwest, in a timber frame home he built by first felling the trees and milling the wood. In addition to managing his woodlot and growing many of his own vegetables, he dabbles in blacksmithing, beer brewing, and bow hunting with occasional distractions from long-held fascinations with auto mechanics, hobbyist electronics, and Japanese hand planes. He has been an Outward Bound instructor, boat builder, English teacher, and landscaper. If you have a question or comment for Anthony, please email him at

Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe

What are the unique attributes of the Wetterlings Axe that make it such an efficient tool with which to split wood? Is this the best handle length for you? Why are you not as tired after splitting wood with this axe? Answers, tips and interesting insights from the expert.

Time: 2:45

“Fine crafted specialty axes… a joy to behold!”
- Will, TN

Using the Small Splitting Axe

The Small Splitting Axe in action. Anthony shows us just how efficient the Splitting Axe is.

WARNING: Splitting wood can be dangerous. Be sure to take all precautions to prevent injury to yourself and others.

Time: 0:41

“Equal parts function and beauty… perfectly balanced.”
- Brian, WA

Safer Kindling Splitting

Anthony shows us a safer method of splitting kindling – the same method he taught his eight year old.

Always take proper precautions when splitting logs, kindling and tinder for your fireplace and stove. Always use the right tool for the job. We recommend a Wetterlings.

Time: 0:52

“The craftsmanship shines through… thank you for selling such great product”
- Donna, TN

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