Wetterlings Swedish Splitting Axes

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Wetterlings Swedish Splitting Axes
Tools of Superior Durability & Performance
Hand Forged in Sweden since 1880
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26D15.01 Swedish Small Splitting Axe

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26D15.02 Swedish Small Splitting Axe Replacement Handle

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26D16.01 Swedish Large Splitting Axe

Available 02/22/2016


26D16.02 Swedish Large Splitting Axe Replacement Handle

Available 02/22/2016


Splitting axes are meant to split a log along the grain, not to cut or chop. Consequently, the bit has a more aggressive angle and the ramp is often ridged to make splitting easier while preventing the axe from getting stuck. The poll is not hardened, as on the Splitting Maul, and is not intended for use with a splitting wedge.

The Small Splitting Axe is 3 lb. with a 17-1/2" straight hickory handle. The 6" axe head has a 2-1/2" cutting edge with an aggressively angled bit. Invaluable around the campfire, woodstove and hearth for easy fast splitting of kindling and small cut logs.

The 5-1/4 lb. Large Splitting Axe has a 29" straight hickory handle. The 2-1/2" blade is sharply angled with a slight curved edge. With a thick 8" ridged head for aggressive splitting of larger logs for stove and fireplace. A woodlot must have. Axes are hand forged of Swedish carbon steel alloy (Rc 56-58). Secured to the handle with traditional wood wedge and steel locking ring. Both include leather edge sheath. (Additional air shipping charges apply to the Large Splitting Axe.)
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  • Wetterlings sm splitting axe

    Kevin , 5/11/2013 Just received the newest version of sm splitting axe. The blade is 2 1/2 rather than 3 1/2, much lighter and comes with about a 16 in. straight handled not curved 22 in. Bring the old robust version back. The new rev. Is not quite up to the task.
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