Wetterlings Swedish Splitting Maul & Wedge
$ 89.90 110.00
This Splitting Maul, which comes with a leather sheath, is for those jobs that are too tough for even the Large Splitting Axe, as when logs are very large, gnarled, or dry. The Maul is 32" long and weighs 5-1/2 lbs-almost 60 heavier than the Large Splitting Axe-and has an American hickory handle.

One more very important difference between this maul and an axe, though, is that the Maul's poll is designed to be used as a striking sledge, so it can be used together with the Splitting Wedge.The hand forged Swedish Splitting Wedge weighs 3-3/4 lbs and is 8" long. It has a special spiral shape. so it twists as it is driven into the log, multiplying the splitting forces (an old woodsman's trick). Weighs a very solid 3-3/4 lbs, and 8 inches long.
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