Wetterlings Swedish Splitting Maul & Wedge

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Heavy-Duty Tools Handmade in Sweden
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This Splitting Maul, which comes with a leather sheath, is for those jobs that are too tough for even the Large Splitting Axe, as when logs are very large, gnarled, or dry. The Maul is 32" long and weighs 5-1/2 lbs-almost 60 heavier than the Large Splitting Axe-and has an American hickory handle.

One more very important difference between this maul and an axe, though, is that the Maul's poll is designed to be used as a striking sledge, so it can be used together with the Splitting Wedge.The hand forged Swedish Splitting Wedge weighs 3-3/4 lbs and is 8" long. It has a special spiral shape. so it twists as it is driven into the log, multiplying the splitting forces (an old woodsman's trick). Weighs a very solid 3-3/4 lbs, and 8 inches long.
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It's usually as the weather gets colder we start to hear about axes with loose handles. Not only is the weather a big factor, causing the hickory to dry out and shrink, but also because this is the time of year that axes are being used most often.

With the Wetterling Axes, the steel circular wedge is conical in shape andseats about an 1" deep into the handle. We've had good success tightening axe heads simply by driving this steel wedge deeper into the wooden wedge and handle. Uose a small sledge and punch for this purpose.

We've also experimented with soaking the axe head (on the handle) in oil for 24hours. We were able to recover an old splitting axe with a loose head using this technique. The oil swells the handle, and so far, it has not dried out. The head is still very tight after nearly a year. Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.

As always if you have any questions feel free to call our tech department at 800-221-2942. Or email us at mail@garrettwade.com

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent

    Ralph Loomis , 3/3/2016 Excellent perfect fit
  • Best Gift Ever.

    Stephen J Buczek, 2/8/2014 Best Gift Ever for that special someone in your life.
  • Handle

    Dave Bauer, 12/27/2011 The splitting maul is the best I have ever used. I ordered a replacement handle and was very disappointed. It was.not like the original. I could have gone to the local hardware store and bought a new handle for a lot less. Got 5 years of splitting out of the old handle. Broke the new one the second time I used it
  • Amazing tools!

    Will, 1/15/2011 After purchasing your wetterling splitting maul and spiral wedge, I was utterly amazed by the ease with which one can go through a prodigious pile of logs destined for the family hearth. The maul's shape lends itself to uncommonly easy splitting of even the hardest oak and hickory. The spiral splitting wedge is a marvel to watch as it's unique design works wonders, the wedge has teeth" on one side that grip the inner surface of the log as it splits, rendering the most recalcitrant piece of wood into manageable, workable pieces. Utilizing a fireplace for a major source of heat this winter has presented a daily ritual: split, stack, store. The wetterling splitting maul has been invaluable in making this daily ritual not only easier, but a joy! "
  • belt axe

    walt, 8/10/2010 Absolute highest quality it doesn't get any better, in terms of a fuctional and durable handcrafted tool that could save your life!!
  • best I've ever used

    Nat Brown, 6/14/2010 Several years ago I purchased the Swedish splitting maul and wedges from you. In the last five or so years, they have probably put up at least 10 cords, or more. It's the best light maul I've ever used, does work far beyond its weight", and has held up very well. The wedges are the best I've ever used - and I've tried a lot of designs. You may need a big bruiser for a few jobs, but this wonderful maul does almost everything far easier than much heavier mauls. Unhesitatingly recommended!"
  • Splitting Maul & Wedge

    Andy McKibben, 4/16/2010 Well designed and heavy enough. Wedge is best for seasoned wood, but functions with green wood as well. I split-by hand-3-4 cords/year. This is now my favorite.
  • Swedish Splitting Maul

    Jim Van Osdell, 3/31/2009 This maul is not only well designed, the head has a slight twist to split open the wood more easily but, is also well balanced and easy to swing. The unique design clears the wood away from the head thus minimizing the head getting wedged in the piece being struck. It works well on both green and seasoned wood, large and small. Easy to use one handed to make fine splits for kindling. I have several mauls and splitting axes and highly recommend this one, which has become my favorite.
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