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Hand Forged Swedish Wetterlings Axes
Superb for Camping, Hiking & Bushcraft
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26D12.01 Swedish Wildlife Hatchet

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The Wildlife Hatchet (has a handle only 13" long and weighs only 1-1/4 lbs. The belt loop on the leather sheath makes it perfect to carry on long trips and have ready for quick use. Save 10 on a pair (one for yourself, and one for your partner or child). Leather belt sheath. (Previously called the Camper's Hatchet.)


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Overall Rating
  • Excellent!

    Kathy, 6/20/2016 Excellent workmanship! Great Father's Day gift.
  • Wildlife Hatchet

    David Stark, 9/15/2014 I have not used it yet but is looks and feels great. Very well made.
  • Outstanding

    Shawn Hussey, 7/7/2014 This axe is top quality. It the the the perfect size for camping and hunting.
  • The Greatest Axe.

    John Rappuhn, 7/16/2013 Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Wetterlings axe online from Garrett Wade on hearsay alone, not knowing just how great this axe really was, I took a chance and placed my order, I did have two separate coupons one for 10 dollars off a purchase and the other was a 2 dollar flat rate shipping fee, but the order wouldn't take both coupons, so I placed my order anyway, afterwards I called to find out if I could use both coupons and the very friendly customer rep said yes sir, that wouldn't be a problem, and three days later I was opening my box and when I pulled that axe out of that box I couldn't believe my eyes, it is such a fine looking tool, razor sharp, and the handle felt like it had been grown just to fit my hands WOW what an axe, beautifully crafted, handle and head, I couldn't wait to split my first log. I am so glad that I had made the right decision to purchase that axe, and to purchase it from Garrett Wade was another great call on my part, so, if you to are thinking of buying an axe or a tool? Your best bet is Garrett Wade, great tools, great price, excellent customer service. Thank you Garrett Wade. John Rappuhn.
  • Forest Axe Repl Handle

    Richard S., 4/27/2013 What can I say? This is a Wetterlings replacement handle for their forestry axe. Straight, well finished, and grain only 3-5 deg off optimum.
  • Awesome shaping axe

    William Dash, 3/17/2013 I bought a Wetterlings hand axe a while back to rough out wooden bowl blanks from small logs. It is sharp right out of the gate and so sweet to use. Just keep your work blank secured and your other hand out of the way! It will take hunks out of somewhat green wood so easily its like cutting celery.
  • A fine ax

    Kelly, 1/1/2013 If you want quality, buy a Wetterling. A superb edge and a balance in the hand that is unmatched. Fine craftsmanship to be passed down to future generations.
  • WOW

    pyromaniac, 12/18/2011 Great little axe!!! Only thing I should note is that what Garrett Wade calls a forest axe is really the large hunting axe as described on www.wetterlings.se. Other than that, this axe is the best for backpacking and comes out of the box super sharp. I walked into the woods and in three chops, brought down a small (3-4 inch diameter.) Dead tree. Wow. Plus, the leather sheath fits over my belt and hangs at my waist securely. Again, great job Garrett Wade!!!!!
  • Swweeeet!

    Michael Keller, 7/12/2011 This is a sweet" (forest) hand axe. I really appreciate a fine edged tool and this is one for sure. I use it for limbing trees when I don't want to deal with a saw and it works very well. I would argue it is quicker than a saw and it is a bunch more fun. It is easy to keep a good edge on simply by honing it following each use. "
  • Fine tools!

    Will, 1/15/2011 The wetterling large splitting axe has been a welcome collection to our farm's daily driver" tools. It takes a prodigious amount of wood to heat a large home during the winter, and having the right tools for the job is a must. After several frustrating months of using my late grandfather's felling axe as an all purpose tool, I was introduced to your catalog of fine crafted specialty axes. Talk about a difference between night and day! The large splitting axe, especially when used in conjunction with the splitting maul, and spiral wedge, is an invaluable tool! It makes the job so much easier, and allows one to work efficiently. Like the other wetterling products we have purchased, it arrives sharp. Really sharp. Also like the other wetterling products, the level of craftsmanship is easily recognizable, and a joy to behold. Thank you Garrett Wade!

    Please note that this review is for the Large Splitting Axe (link)."
  • great axe!

    donna, 1/2/2011 having the right tool for the job has been a maxim that our family has had drilled into us for the last forty years or so, from our family patriarch. my father was the quintessential do it your self man, and always told us to work smart, not hard". the wetterling axe collection has allwed us to do just that, and made clearing brush and maintaining our twenty acre farm a much easier and more enjoyable task. the axes arrive razor sharp right out of the box, and the swedish steel holds an edge you could shave with even after felling and trimming oak, hickory, and rock maple. these axes are incredibly well made, and the craftsmanship put into them shines through every time you pick one up. thank you for selling such great product! "
  • kindling

    David Henricks, 12/20/2010 After, fruitlessly, looking elseware for a good quality hatchet, I turned to Garret Wade. This Wetterling Swedish Hand Forged Camper's hatchet filled the bill. This is my second Wetterling purchase. The hatchet is the perfect size and weight to be effective. I highly recommend it.
  • Nice splitter

    Robert, 11/19/2010 top quality product
  • Heirloom quality

    Brian, 7/7/2010 I received a Wetterling Forest Axe for Father's Day, and it is equal parts function and beauty. The quality is exceptional, it is perfectly balanced, and even though it seems fairly light-weight it has such a nice edge that easily splits logs into kindling.
  • great

    Beth, 3/22/2010 these are awsome, i bought one for my husband and he loves it
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