Wheel Marker - 3-in-1

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Wheel Marker - 3-in-1
Marking/Mortise & Depth Gauge
Three essential woodworking tools in one modern design
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96T01.22 Wheel Marker - 3-in-1

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With an 8" steel shaft marked in inches and mm and a Solid Brass positioning stop and a beveled hardened steel marker at the end of the shaft, this works beautifully as a Woodworker's Marking Gauge. Included are a mid-shaft stop for additional positioning flexibility and two additional beveled wheel markers to mark out mortises with one stroke The stop also functions as a rest & guide to keep the cutters perpendicular to the workpiece while marking. With an inside bevel the cutter is pulled snug to the fence, preventing wander while marking. The hardened steel-alloy wheel is flush-mounted (it makes a handy depth gauge) and safely nests in a recess in the brass fence when not in use. A proven modern design.

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  • Nicely Built Marking Guage

    Carlo, 5/31/2014 This is well made and feels nicely balanced in the hand. Is easy to use with accuracy. Could use something that snapped on the marking end (maybe with a magnet) that could hold a stubby pencil and mark with graphite when needed.
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