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White Schuco 356 Porsche Sports
$ 44.5
Each car features a micro adjusting knob which allows you to orient the wheels to run straight or curved to your preference. The scale for the 4 ½” long cars is 45:1. These racers were made in the 90's and are in brand new condition in their original boxes with original instructional packing, and with winding keys.

During the first half of the 20th Century the crafting of metal toy cars reached its peak, and those by German toymaker Schuco were among the most prized. The high quality of their die-cast metal construction set them apart from the field. These toys are sought-after by collectors. They are also very scarce. Happily, we have managed to source a limited number of these. This model was produced for an industrial customer in the 90's and were never released to the public. Made in Hungary. Once they are gone, they’re gone.

Porsche 356 Sports Car: Porsche’s first production automobile was made from 1948-1965 and remains beloved for its eye-catching curves and nimble handling.

If you’re looking to win an award for most unusual gift this year, these beautiful windup toys just may bring home the gold. They are truly a blast to play with-- a whimsical memento from another time, yet also a ruggedly made toy that will please young and old, whether in action or on display.
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