Wilderness Survival Knife
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The perfectly balanced, robust, full tang Wilderness Survival Knife is laser cut from 1075 high carbon alloy steel. The 1/4 thick blank is expertly ground with a 6-1/4" cutting edge, generous choil and thumb rise. A secondary grind along the spine gives the drop point blade an elongated dagger-like profile – a wickedly elegant knife, but one built to support your survival in the most hostile environments on earth.

Developed by an experienced desert survival instructor, Arizona bushman John Campbell, the Wilderness Survival Knife is 12-1/2” long and weighs 14-1/2 oz. It features an indestructible Linen Micarta handle, a highly stable resin-impregnated composite that is hard wearing and resistant to environmental factors while providing superior grip. A lanyard through the tang allows tactical reinforced-grip techniques, as well. This is a knife for the unbroken trail, whether used for hunting, chopping wood or shaving.

The Survival Knife comes with a USA-made mil-spec Combat Sheath. Highly resistant to abrasion, tears and scuffs under the most demanding conditions, the Cordura nylon sheath features an internal hard protective insert, a single snap-fastened nylon retention strap, an extra stabilizing strap for the hilt, a leg tie-down and an external utility pouch for carrying a sharpening stone, extra knife, compass or tool.

The Premium Pocket Multitool augments the usefulness of the Wilderness Survival Knife greatly. The Multitool (a $34.75 value) combines needle nose pliers with 10 other tools into a compact fold-away that fits the utility pouch perfectly. The Pocket Multitool is included with the Wilderness Survival Knife exclusively by Garrett Wade for only an additional $15.00 – a saving of almost 60% off the regular price of $34.75. (If the Multitool is not selected, the Sheath Pocket that the Multitool sits in will come empty.)

Together with the Combat Sheath and the Premium Pocket Multitool, the Wilderness Survival Knife makes a complete, potentially life-saving toolkit for camping and to keep in the trunk of your car. Made in Sheffield, UK.
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