Wind-Up Ladybug & Mini Car

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Wind-Up Ladybug & Mini Car
never falls off the table
Charming tin-metal clockwork toy
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02A12.06 Wind-Up Ladybug

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02A12.18 Wind-Up Mini Car

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These wind-up tin-metal toys will run all over a table top but will automatically turn aside before they fall off the edge (frankly, we cannot figure out how they pull off this trick). Just a lot of endless low-tech fun. Germany.

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Overall Rating
  • Wind up car

    K. L., 12/26/2016 Nice wind up toy but runs mainly in circles.
  • Wind-Up Mini Car

    PRESTON SMITH, 12/18/2016 Great item! I just love this little-compact "wind-up" mini car. It brings back so many of my fond memories as a kid growing in 60's. My next purchase will be the Ladybug that I used to catch and let them craw on me as a little boy.
  • Great toy

    Julie renn, 11/26/2016 This toy is perfect for little ones waiting at the table for dinner. It keeps them occupied perfectly and I don't have to pick the toy up off of the floor every 5 seconds.
  • Ladybug toy

    Michael McGovern, 11/14/2016 I was very happy to receive this Ladybug toy. It reminds me of vintage toys I had as a boy. It's for my granddaughter and I think she will love it. Seem to be well made.
  • Interesting, unique birthday gift for my nephew!

    Ross, 4/3/2016 I recently bought this ladybug as a birthday gift for my nephew. It was a hit! And not just with my nephew. Everyone at the party (myself included) loved it. The all-tin construction is solid and gives it a 'vintage' feel. It was made in the Czech Republic and felt like something you would get from an old-school toy maker. We tested it out on a small coffee table, and it just kept going and going, no matter how it approached the edge. I'm an engineer, and I really wanted to get my nephew something that would stimulate his spatial/mechanical interests, and I'm sure this will do the trick.
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