Wire Mesh Goggles

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Sale Wire Mesh Goggles
Protect your eyes
A great accessory when working with a chainsaw or weed-whacker
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Wood choppers, mower drivers, weed-whacker handlers – all are exposed to flying debris (wood chips, leaves, cut grass particles, etc). Ordinary goggles often fog up, make you sweaty, and are vision constricting.

We found a small German company with an ingenious solution. They replaced the standard hard plastic cover in the front of the googles with a side-to-side fine wire mesh. It’s a great solution to protect your eyes, keeps you cool and prevent fogging. The mesh is fine enough to keep flying debris at bay. We’re throwing away all our old googles.

It’s available in 2 versions; clear for indoor use and tinted (anti-glare) for all outdoor work done in direct sunlight. Buy them both and save!

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