Wireless Borescope Inspection System

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Clearance Wireless Borescope Inspection System
Display what the camera sees on your iPad or iPhone - Simultaneously
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14N10.14 2 m Waterproof Probe

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The Model DCiS1 makes use of the very latest technology to provide WiFi enabled real-time video capture and display on your iPad or iPhone. It runs on a FREE iTunes app via a hotspot created by the iBorescope with an amazing 60 ft range.

For mechanics, builders, or any DIY'er who needs to see inside really confined spaces, there is simply nothing like this-a truly useful tool that seems almost magical. It's like a combination periscope, telescope, and microscope. Use this inspection system to see behind or under heavy objects (like washing machines), or to look down drain pipes to find lost screws, tools, and jewelry. See inside wall cavities by drilling a tiny 7/16" diameter hole.

The thin, highly flexible-obedient Probe is 35" long with a video camera and 2 LEDs at the tip. The LEDs illuminate what you are looking at while the image is carried back up to the iBorescope for WiFi display on your iPad or iPhone. You get fully remote viewing with multiple users possible. Video (at the rate of 30 frames/second) and Still images are captured at VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) . Camera field of view is 54° and depth of field is an excellent 0.5" to 12". A thumbwheel on the pistol grip controls camera lighting Video-out jack and cable Video brightness, contrast, hue and saturation are fully adjustable. The power supply is a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a low-charge warning indicator 3 hr runtime per charge). Three Probe Tip accessories are included: a 45° Mirror, a Magnetic Pickup, and a Pickup Hook. Sturdy case. Full user's manual.

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  • The Length I Need!

    Lee Fry, 7/23/2015 The 3m probe is the perfect extension for the waterproof borescope I bought!
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