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Clearance Wood Handled Bush Knife
Effective & very inexpensive
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66M01.01 Single Machete

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66M01.10 Two Machetes

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The machete is a simple brush clearing tool of mythic fame. Rugged, tough, and effective, it is used all over the world. Our Machete is 24" in length and has a sturdy hardwood handle. The 18" blade is 1/16" thick and made of mild carbon steel for great cutting power. This is an inexpensive solution for all sorts of jobs. We suggest you get several for the next work party you put together in your fields, woodlot or along the trail.
Blade Thickness:
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Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
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Overall Rating
  • Machete Shipping

    John Root, 4/3/2017 Great product for the price. I ordered 2 and they shipped one, but with one call, made it right and sent the other, no questions. Wonderful customer service. I'll be back for other items.
  • Good value for cost.

    Fernando Delgado, 3/31/2017 Nice weight. Could have been straighter (had a bend about midway of length). Blade needed some sharpening but at this cost not an issue.
  • Machete on sale

    William, 3/25/2017 What do you want for $6? Comes with no edge, but that can be handled. A bit of duct tape tales care of handle issues
  • Good value for the money

    Mark Bertolet, 2/28/2017 Handle needed some work. A few minutes on the belt grinder smoothing handle slabs, and the application of some Watco oil solved this problem. Gonna be trying this machete out on some brush as soon as Spring gets blooming for sure.
  • One for each hand

    Jefferson Lowe, 2/15/2017 This is an excellent bush knife, with a little effort I can grind off 1/8 of the opposite curve then sharpen that side and I will have a long sharp bolo knife. I'm sorry other folks hands are too dainty for the rough handle but that can be fixed with a rasp and sand paper. I bought two, one for each hand!
  • A $5 value

    Oskar Muriel, 1/20/2017 Like other comments, handle is rough, wide and bulky, and blade is needing sharpening...Major issue is handle.
  • For $5, a great deal

    Greg Nolan, 1/20/2017 Needs serious sharpening, and the handle will benefit from some work, but sturdy and at the price, a good deal. If you are working with it all day long, day after day, get a better one, but for occasional use, quite adequate
  • for $5 what do you expect

    Michael J, 1/19/2017 Good enough for around the backyard stuff. If was a true explorer I'd already have a better one.
  • You get what you pay for...

    Dani Lewin, 1/1/2017 This will be fine for the yard. My husband says he will need to wrap the handle with something so we won't get splinters from the cracked wood handle.
  • Okay Machetes

    Margaret Kelly, 9/24/2016 Haven't used these yet, but the handles are awfully rough on the hands. Don't know yet about the blades. The price was not too bad, so I guess I got what I paid for.
  • Meh

    William Clark, 9/18/2016 Fairly cheesy overall. Crude milling on a thin blade and a poorly matched, handle, but for the sale price of $5.00 it's okay. If you just need something cheap to thin out that kudsue, this is for you. No sheath at this price.
  • bush knife

    buddie morris, 9/8/2016 very good quality. handles could use some improvement
  • Cheap because they're cheap.

    Andrew M, 9/6/2016 Factory edge was very dull, required about an hour of sharpening for each blade before they were usable. Handle seems flimsy as it's just two pieces of thin wood riveted to the blade, I added some extra glue and wrapped it in athletic tape to make it more stable and comfortable. Two machetes for twenty bucks, you get what you pay for.
  • Worth the money

    Chuck, 9/1/2016 This is a cheap machete and sheath. The sheath is very thin material and will probably not last very long. The handle on the machete is barely finished and is too big for most hands. With the last two I bought, I took my rasp and cut down the handle as much as I could until it was flush with the tang. I am going to have to replace one of the rivets as the washer that holds it on came off and the rivet is soon to follow. On the other hand, the metal in the blade is spring steel and takes a decent edge. After all, I am not going to be doing eye surgery with it although in a zombie apocalypse I may have to do major brain surgery. For what I paid, it is worth the money. However, be advised for the low, low price of this piece of equipment you are not getting a top of the line blade.
  • Brush Killer

    Doug Fullilove, 8/3/2016 Good weight and well balanced.

  • Wood Handled Bush Knife

    Becky, 3/9/2016 For the price, this product is great.
  • Did The Job

    Todd, 8/27/2015 Can't complain for what I paid for it. Does the nasty jobs when called upon.
  • Great For Computer Hacking Too...

    W. A. Hardy, 12/18/2013 Very useful tool. Florida is fairly warm all year so the plant life can uppity. It also comes in handy with chance encounters with fauna too, like the mosquito. Here is a tip, use the flat of the blade for swatting, if you use the edge it requires a very steady hand and bandages.
  • poor design

    Bill, 12/16/2009 handle is very uncomfortable, I had to wrap it in leather. otherwise tool is basic, fine
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