Wood Handled Bush Knife

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Effective & very inexpensive
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66M01.01 Single Machete

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The machete is a simple brush clearing tool of mythic fame. Rugged, tough, and effective, it is used all over the world. Our Machete is 24" in length and has a sturdy hardwood handle. The 18" blade is 1/16" thick and made of mild carbon steel for great cutting power. This is an inexpensive solution for all sorts of jobs. We suggest you get several for the next work party you put together in your fields, woodlot or along the trail. Save 20 with two.

*Unfortunately the Bush Knife Sheath has been discontinued. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

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Overall Rating
  • Brush Killer

    Doug Fullilove, 8/3/2016 Good weight and well balanced.

  • Wood Handled Bush Knife

    Becky, 3/9/2016 For the price, this product is great.
  • Did The Job

    Todd, 8/27/2015 Can't complain for what I paid for it. Does the nasty jobs when called upon.
  • Great For Computer Hacking Too...

    W. A. Hardy, 12/18/2013 Very useful tool. Florida is fairly warm all year so the plant life can uppity. It also comes in handy with chance encounters with fauna too, like the mosquito. Here is a tip, use the flat of the blade for swatting, if you use the edge it requires a very steady hand and bandages.
  • not worth the price

    chris, 12/17/2009 Just be aware these are typical Chinese junk and you won't be disapointed.
  • poor design

    Bill, 12/16/2009 handle is very uncomfortable, I had to wrap it in leather. otherwise tool is basic, fine
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