Wood Puzzle Brain Teasers
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Each is machine and hand crafted for both an intellectual experience and a lovely result. We have selected three for you that are all of moderate difficulty and are great fun and challenging for all members of the family - no matter what their age. And never fear, each comes with complete instructions about how to solve them after you have given it your best.

The Serpent (Cube) puzzle is France's answer to the Rubik's Cube (remember that?). Made of Purpleheart and Sycamore, its great advantage is that it always stays together in one piece - so it travels easily.

The Star puzzle is made of Beech (stained red or left clear). It is the most 3-dimensional of the puzzles and is probably the easiest to figure out - but don't assume it's a walk-over.

The City of Manhattan (it's easy to see why they named it that) is really 13 puzzles in one depending on where you place the dowel pin to start with. Each starting hole requires a unique placement of the other pieces for the solution. Sycamore, Ash, Wenge, and Padauk are used.
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