Tap & Die Wood Threading Set

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Tap & Die Wood Threading Set
Self contained set does the job from start to finish
Cuts male & female threads
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98N11.01 Complete Tap Die Set 1/2 In.

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98N11.02 Complete Tap Die Set 3/4 In.

Available 06/14/2016


98N11.03 Complete Tap Die Set 1 In.

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98N11.04 Complete Tap Die Set 1-1/4 In.

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98N11.05 Complete Tap Die Set 1-1/2 In.

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A fine three-part set in sizes from 1/2" to 1-1/2". The two-handled threadbox cuts the male threads, a matching tap die cuts the internal female threads, and a bottoming tap finishes off the female section.

Threadbox is made of long-lasting hardwood with internal aluminum wear fittings and a steel cutter.

See below for more information on the Tap and Die Set.

Click Here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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Overall Rating
  • Follow the directions

    WEBPAC , 5/20/2016 Pick your wood species and pick the specific piece carefully, go slowly and you should end up with a real nice looking and nice working nut and bolts! Can't wait to use them more!
  • Excellent Tap and Die set

    Angel Rivera, 5/15/2016 The product was delivered quickly. It was described accurately and it works flawlessly. I have made several purchases from Garret Wade and I am very happy with all the products.
  • Very happy customer I will return

    Stuart, 3/22/2016 This was my first purchase with Garrett Wade and I was very happy with the speed of delivery and the way it was packaged. The tap and die set looks to be of high quality the 2 metal taps come sealed in a bag and oiled, the whole set is boxed and the instructions are straight forward and easy to understand.
  • Handy tool

    Tom, 3/3/2016 Handy device if you follow the instructions and use it properly.
  • Very Happy with the Threader Set

    Larry, 3/3/2016 Tools were all that I wanted. I did need to adjust the cutting depth on the die cutter to not thread the downs too deeply. It improved the thread fit and also reduced the breaking of some threads while cutting.
  • works great

    randy pierce, 3/3/2016 Very nice, and affordable. I clamp itinto a bench vice, and follow the directions including using linseed oil for lubricant and got very nice results. I use my hand drill on low speed for tapping and also threading with the die. I made wooden bolts from red oak and also from maple. The maple works much better and did not produce any rough threads, but the red oak does produce a few damaged threads, still useable but not as pretty. Use maple if you can, or soak the red oak for days before milling in oil.
  • Expected European Quality

    Danny, 9/21/2015 From the photo shown and the quality of tooling received for price and shipping cost. Someone who is the buyer for your company should be more knowledgeable tool quality. These are Saturday Night Specials!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Complete Tap & Die Set. We are sorry to hear you aren’t satisfied with it. Please feel free to return it for a refund using the label which was included.
  • The Best International Hand Tool Supplier

    Guy L-S, 9/7/2015 As always, Garret Wade continues to amaze me. I have purchased various items over the years from you and have only ever been extremely happy with my purchases. The quality of the products is excellent and pricing is very good, even in South African Rands. I am currently setting up a period cabinetmakers workshop at the Drotsdy Museum here in Swellendam ZA and GW offered the best prices that I could find worldwide on the specific Imperial size screw boxes and taps that we needed. Thank you again for the excellent service and prompt delivery. for specialist traditional woodworking tools, Garrett Wade remains no1 on my list of suppliers!
  • WOW

    RW, 8/27/2015 What a great surprise. Though this would be more difficult. First try was a little sloppy, adjusted the knife a little and wow. The linseed oil worked great with some red oak.
  • Number 5

    Dana Osterman, 8/2/2015 Love these this the 5th one I have bought. They work great. I soak the thread part in oil before cutting to help prevent blow out.
  • Great Tap & Die

    Dana, 7/11/2015 This is the third Tap and die set I have bought. They work great. The die work better after soaking area with oil then there is no tareout. It also works better with a turned piece then a dowel. The tap works great and having both a starter and a bottom çomes in handy. I plane the get one more.
  • Works!

    Jim C., 6/16/2015 I soaked oak dowels in linseed oil for three days and had some tear-out. I did the same with maple and they all came out perfect. NOTE: even with the tear-out, the oak screws still function.
  • Awesome Tool

    Uwe Gerstner, 4/12/2015 Great tool. I love it. Can make my own threats.
  • My Purchasing Experience at GW

    Mario Lagarde, 1/26/2015 It might be difficult to understand to anyone not living outside USA the review/comments I´m about to complete in this review. I actually completed not one, but two orders with GW, even though I´m in a country with severe currency exchange control and were the usage of local Credit Cards for purchasing foreign good is almost forbidden. However and thanks to the sales and customer services department at GW, I was able to successfully complete both order and just waiting to have it in my hands to use them. Thanks you for you patience and cooperation.
  • Wood Screw Maker

    Serge Roman, 1/19/2015 Easy to use.
  • Excellent

    L. Titus, 10/8/2014 Outstanding, works exactly the way it is suppose to, what else would you expect from Garrett Wade.
  • Good Quality But Hard To Work

    Bård, 7/25/2014 A great tool. The quality is very high. The tool utensil is very hard to get to cut properly. Tried several types of wood but it messed up the the treads on every screw. Maybe some fault in the curling iron.
  • 3/4 Wood Tap and Die

    J Brock Vinson, 7/14/2014 Clear and well written directions.
  • Hobbyist

    Eddie McConway, 6/24/2014 Simple, and extremely easy to use,the threads were, perfect, am going to buy a 1 tap & die set. "
  • Wood Threader

    Donnie, 6/13/2014 Just got my 1 inches wood dowel threader and it sure makes things easier. I will give it a 5.
  • Woodworking Threader

    Scott Johnson, 6/3/2014 Fast, excellent service from Garrett Wade. Great communication as to when order was placed, shipped and estimated time of arrival. Great tool, easy to use, served my purpose well. Would order from Garrett Wade again.
  • 1/2 Tap and Die"

    Ernie, 5/19/2014 Worked wonderful, right out of the box - to include bottom tapping a 11/32 deep hole in both hard maple and poplar. Excellent! Yes, I did use tung oil as directed on both dowel and taps. Now to complete my "Brighton Bun" traveling candlesticks ..."
  • Clay Work

    Russel, 4/4/2014 Question, has anyone used the tap and die set to thread pottery in it's leather hard state. It is my hope that I will be able to create an air tight leak proof cap for bottles. Thank you in advance, Russ
  • Works Fine

    Craig, 1/15/2014 The included instructions (and that display photo with a thread break-out) imply that I should expect a bit of a struggle in turning out a good pair of threads -- but it went almost effortlessly on the first try. The good looking male and female threads mated smoothly with minimal tolerance.
    * The dowels I had on hand were going to be too tight in the die tool's lead hole. When I checked that hole and it mic'd at 0.745 inch, which I opened up to a full 3/4 inch.
    * This tap and die set doesn't cut an Acme thread and doesn't claim to, but the thread it does cut will be just fine for my purpose (amateur telescope making).
  • A Different Type of Tree

    Matt Stewart, 12/14/2013 This tool made possible my gift to my daughters. With this tool I was able to thread the inside of my eight-sided Purse Tree", allowing me the ability to attach both the crown and foot to the project. The fact that the tree can be disassembled without needing any tools makes this tree an ease to pack and move without risk of damage. This made the gift the hit of the season. I will recommend this to my friends."
  • Just What I Was Looking For

    Ted, 11/22/2013 I found plans to make a woodworking bench vise which usually cost over $250, and I needed two of them. This tool will allow me to build just what I need for just a few dollars. I figured I'm saving over $400 on the project, and the tap and die set will allow me to do many other tasks.
  • Satisfied Custumer

    Safwat Habashi, 11/11/2013 This was the first time I purchased anything from Garrett Wade. My experience was perfect. The web site was very easy to navigate and my ordering process tool very little time to complete. The product arrived very quickly and in perfect packaging. Billing was also very efficient and proper. In all, I am very satisfied with my first order from a good company.
  • Wooden Bolts & Nuts

    Richard Atkins, 9/22/2013 I wanted to make a toy for a Great-Grandson that he could learn from. This tool allowed me to make a board with bolts and nuts on it that he could turn and learn to use a wrench and screwdriver on. (I made the tools also) I found that using tight grain wood is very important and when you do the threads turn out very nice. The tool cut great threads every time. It was easy to use and the Tap needed adjustment but after adjusting, it worked as advertised. It worked so well, I ordered another of a different size.
  • Follow The Directions!

    David, 7/26/2013 This set works very well if the directions are followed. Unlubricated dowels will thread very poorly, with many threads breaking. Lube the dowel, and the threads are almost perfect. And that's without sharpening the die blade. The instructions recommend an oil -- mineral, tung, linseed, etc. Your choice depends on the finishing needs. I found that, if wax is to be used, Minwax liquid wax works well, also. The one thing that is needed is careful measurement to determine the length of threaded section made. The position of the blade is clear, and you only need to measure from the blade to the outside edge (straight hole) of the die to be able to draw a line on the die for proper thread length. The taps are straightforward (but also lubed). One tap has a lead-in for easy starting. The other is flat bottomed for blind holes.
  • Works Great

    Michael, 7/26/2013 Set works great. No complaints. Larger sizes would be appreciated.
  • Great WOOD DIE set

    Louis, 12/27/2012 A very well made tool, I am pleased with it and more so with the fast delivery as promised. Thanks Garrett Wade Louis
  • A Good Idea But....

    Thomas, 2/8/2012 It seems to cut OK right out of the box, but the feel of it is cheap, and I do not have faith that it will last. For what these cost, I was not expecting to see a subpar box and tool made in Taiwan. I will update with more usage, just in case it surprises me .
  • Hard To Find Size

    Don Paolino, 4/13/2011 This item, along with the 1 1/4 inch size product is very hard to find in those sizes. I have looked everywhere but only Garret Wade stocks it as far as I know.
  • Wooden Screws

    Jesse Sexton, 12/28/2010 I do beleive that I have never had so much fun with a tool! This is a must have for anyone needing wooden screws or bolts, and all it takes is this tool, a dowel and three or four minutes. I did find out after about the tenth screw that not all purchased dowels are exactly the same, however, the tool will do the work. I will be purchasing a few other sizes now that I see the quality of these.
  • Wood Threader & Tap Die Set

    Qskeptic, 7/15/2010 I have the 3/4 and 1 1/4" and just bought the 1/2" one. I have made some good all wooden clamps with them and I'll use the 1/2" to make some smaller ones. The idea being that they can clamp several boards together and the whole lot can be passed through the thicknesser without any worries. They do need a 2" and a 2 1/2" size as well for the adjustable piano stool. There is a big set available for E1100 ho ho."
  • Just The Thing

    James Axel Wilson, 4/17/2010 The only tool I know of that can easily and concisely carve internal and external threads into appropriately sized holes and round stock. Great for custom clamps, vises, take-apart furniture, who knows what? It's just the thing!
  • A Very Good Product

    Tony Firman, 4/19/2009 A good product: easy to use, and produces good results. The die sometimes needs a little adjustment to get perfect results depending on the wood used.
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