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Clearance Woodworker's Cam Clamps
For easy, fast assembly and glue-up
Fingertip control applies just the clamping pressure you need
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In the woodworking shop, the moment of truth most often comes with assembly, that point in the building process in which you discover how (and if) things fit together as you have so carefully planned, where you shave a little here and fudge some there, and prepare for the point of no return - the glue-up.

The critical steps of assembly and glue up require a number of lightweight, easy to use and versatile clamps to securely but delicately grip and hold in place the individual parts of a workpiece for however long a time that is required. There is no better tool to satisfy all of these demands than the traditional Woodworker's Cam Clamp.

Our Cam Clamps are beautifully made with high quality hard maple jaws and a notched carbon steel bar. The cam lever is perfectly shaped to engage instantly, applying pressure evenly and firmly. Corked-lined, ample clamping surfaces prevent marring surfaces of your work. The 6" x 1" x 1-1/2" jaws provide a 4-1/2" reach (throat). Buy multiples and save. Made in the USA by dedicated Midwest woodworkers.

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