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The most versatile clamp in a woodworking shop
Traditional clamps, made in the USA
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Visit the workshop of an experienced wood worker or traditional craftsman making furniture by hand and you most likely will find a good complement of handscrew clamps in a variety of sizes. The reason for this is simple - of all the clamping tools woodworkers deploy, none can match the versatility of the traditional Handscrew Clamp.

With large hardwood jaws and a deeper reach than most other clamps, the Handscrew is ideal for providing even pressure during glue up. The screws can be adjusted to apply pressure on non-parallel surfaces, or to follow the bevel or taper of a workpiece. Other uses include: to align edging, as a third hand or stop block on your table saw or router set-up, or as a bench clamp. In addition, the jaws can be offset for special applications requiring uneven clamping or pressure in multiple spots, or they can be shaped or notched to hold round or irregular objects.

Our Handscrew Clamps are made with extreme care by dedicated Midwest woodworkers using high quality rock maple jaws. The spindle screws and swivel nuts are made from cold drawn carbon steel. The screw threads have double leads for rapid operation and close tolerances for years of durability. Steel ferrules are removable for jaw modification, repair or replacement. The 6" handscrew has a maximum 3-1/8" (parallel) jaw capacity with a 3" throat, or reach. The 10" Handscrew has a 7" capacity with a 5" reach, and the 12" has a 9-3/8" capacity and 6" reach. These are extremely well-made, heirloom-quality tools, and highly recommended.

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  • Very Impressive

    Daniel Martin, 10/19/2014 The quality of workmanship is apparent, and it makes a handsome addition to my workbench. I used it as a freestanding vise for lacing leather work.
  • Clamps

    Hal Weber, 8/23/2014 High quality Clamps!
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