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Clearance Work Sharp 3000
Perfect for sharpening and honing all of your woodworking tools
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This is a precision wood tool sharpening system, at a surprisingly low cost. The innovative air cooled, heat-sink design ensures you will not burn your tool and that your shop is kept clean. Guides are built-in, not added on. It's very easy to use.

Grinding and honing with absolute repeatability is done using PSA peel-off abrasives mounted to the surface of a flat 6" float-glass wheel. Precisely lap chisel and plane backs from 1/8 to 2" wide, then quickly grind the bevel at one of 4 pre-set angles (20, 25, 30 and 35°). No guess-work is involved. Changing abrasives is a simple matter of flipping the wheel over or changing it.Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.
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Belt Sharpening System 76B01.10 includes:
  • Belt Pulley
  • Belt Tensioner Assembly
  • Sharpening Guide
  • One Coarse P120 Belt,
  • One Medium P220 Belt
  • One Fine 6000 Belt
  • User's Guide
The Belt Kit 76B01.11 includes one each of the coarse, medium and fine belts that come with the Belt Sharpening System.
The WS3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener includes:
  • 2 tempered glass wheels
  • Slotted see-through wheel
  • Top tool rest
  • Crepe stick (abrasive cleaner)
  • Abrasive kit

The Abrasive Kit includes the following abrasives:
  • 120 Grit 2x (Flat Plate)
  • 400 Grit 4x (Flat Plate)
  • 1000 Grit 4x (Flat Plate)
  • 3600 Grit 1x (Flat Plate)
  • 80 Grit 1x (Slotted Plate)
  • 400 Grit 2x (Slotted Plate)
  • 1200 Grit 2x (Slotted Plate)

Click Here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Click Here to Download a PDF* for related sharpening information. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The Work Sharp Machine is covered by a two year manufacturer's warranty (excludes abrasives, wheels and other consumables, details supplied on request). And, of course GarrettWade's 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Buy It, Try It and if you don't like it return it for a full refund. We are that sure you will be pleased.

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  • This does the job.

    Leonard , 7/25/2016 The worksharp 3000 does just as advertised. It got my chisels and planes shaped up and sharp in short order. I don't do much work with wood but when I do I know I will have tools that will get the job done.
  • WS3000 Great!

    Gary, 9/21/2015 I have been trying to get my chisels sharp for some time now, and got them pretty good, but not perfect. I talked to a tech here and decided to try the ws3000. First, super easy to use. I picked out my worst 4 chisels 1/4 to 1" and a plane blade. The plane blade sharpened right up fast. The chisels were so bad it took awhile, but had to completely re-shape the bevel and degree. Used one set of (4) sand papers. End result, sharpest chisels I have ever used. I didn't try them on pine, I went straight to so Oak and Teak. Cut like butter. Best part is now that I have the correct surfaces, keeping them sharp will only take a minute.
  • WS3000

    Richard, 6/7/2014 This is one of the finest sharpening tools I have owned. In all of my 43 years as a professional woodworker, I have never been able to get chisels or plane irons so sharp and so fast. I immediately sharpened everything in my tool box. In a matter of 2 1/2 hours, I sharpened ten chisels and two plane irons. What is important is that everyone has the same bevel (30 degree)and does not need to be sharpened on an oil stone. I purchased the extra wide blade attachment and the knife sharpening attachments. Both of these attachments work and sharpen as intended. The cost is higher than an ordinary grinding wheel, but the outcome is far more superior, and accurate. The WS3000 on the other hand, is cheaper than the Tormek, which uses water and a grinding wheel. A GREAT TOOL FOR THE MONEY & DOES A GREAT JOB.. .
  • Best for the money

    Philip, 9/13/2013 This tool is totally foolproof and product support come from the family owned business in Oregon. It makes sharpening of knives and other edged tools simple and easy.
  • Work Sharp Sweet

    Dave, 8/2/2013 I am a gunsmith of 39 years and full time custom gun builder for 12 years. I have never found an easy way to maintain my chisels until now. 30 minutes after I received my Worksharp 3000 I was sharpening everything in the shop, a lot of things I had put off until I was in the mood" Don't have to be in the mood now. Flat chisels, gouges, even my lathe tools are spooky sharp and turn so much cleaner wood. I did purchase an extra glass plate and serrated plate and now I have all the grits covered. I can change grits in mere seconds, and keep on sharpening. I even use this for my engraving tools. Wonderful machine!!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner August 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Dave!! "
  • Can't Stop Sharpening

    Daivd M., 6/15/2012 I got this in particular to sharpen some old knives I had sitting around the house. Best thing I have ever purchased! I have sharpened everything from my pocket knives to old rusty chisels and it leaves everything razor sharp and able to split hairs. I find myself using tools and knives just so I can go back and sharpen them again. It would take a book to include everything I have sharpened with it including my Darts! This tool is priceless to anyone who needs razor sharp knives and tools! And at this price there is no fail!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner June 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, David!!
  • I've found my method

    AAAndrew, 10/20/2009 Well, I've tried all kinds of methods for sharpening my woodworking tools. I use hand tools exclusively in my shop and so I really, really need them sharp. I tried a bunch of different methods and I've found what works for me with the Work Sharp 3000. It took a while to figure out the best way to use it, but once I found my methods, it's a no-brainer to sharpen up just about everything I have. What has really changed the way I sharpen on the Work Sharp is getting the extension base for the top that allows you to sharpen wide blades. Because of that, I now almost never use the standard under base slot with heat sink. I mostly use this as a moving scary sharp system with the honing guide and free-hand sharpening on the top of the wheel. It works great. I have four wheels with every grade from 80-6000 and I've done everything from major re-grinding to mirror-smooth. If you use the Wide Blade Attachment like I do, remember you can also use the aluminum bed of the attachment as a heat sink as well. I'll cut some metal, press it against the aluminum, cut some more, etc... You have to find your own way, but I've already found mine. Make sure and get enough plates that switching grits is simple and quick. Make sure you place yours where it doesn't matter if it gets dirty because the iron filings will get out. (don't sharpen on your good workbench top unless you don't mind iron dust getting embedded into your workbench) I wrote a more extensive description of how I use it with hints and tips at my blog, the Incidental Woodworker.
  • God sent.

    John Yannacci, 9/3/2009 It is so nice to work with razor sharp chisels. This machine is to good to be true. Well built, easy to use and man! what an edge it puts on your blades. Even sharpens my large slicks. Very nice and an excellent price for all that you get. Recommended.
  • Sharper than Razors

    Marten Thieman, 4/24/2009 This is the fastest sharpener I have ever used. I sharppened 15 chisels in four groups in less than 20 minutes. You can shave with these babies. I sharpened my 2 inch wide bar chisel so sharp I could literly plane paper.
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