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Sale Workshop Pencil Compass
Holds settings tight
Made in France
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04N02.01 Pencil Compass 8 In.

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04N02.02 Pencil Compass 12 In.

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04N02.03 Pencil Compass 6 In.

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04N02.04 Pencil Compass 10 In.

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04N02.06 Pencil Compass 16 In.

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04N02.10 Set 3 Compasses (6, 12, & 16 In.)

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50K12.02 Pack Of 10 Pencils

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A first-class tool in an unusually wide range of sizes, this tool bears no resemblance to the pencil compasses we used in school. These are rugged, industrial workshop grade compasses. Milled from ferro-blackened solid steel with brass fittings, the tip is carefully ground. Has a heavy-duty fitted hinge and knurled locking nut.

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Overall Rating
  • Workshop Pencil Compass

    Robert Nelson, 10/27/2016 Sturdy, well made. Not some wimpy cheep off shore junk. I'm pretty hard on my tools and this compass can take a beating.
  • Great compass

    Nathan Moore , 6/18/2016 Very solid. Well made and locks securely into position. The only negative I can give is the manufacturing process left sharp edges/burrs. I took it apart and Deburred the edges easily enough, but that is something that should have been done at the factory. Overall a great compass, much better than any other option I've found.
  • Sturdy and Good Looking

    John Keegan, 6/25/2014 A sturdy and good looking compass. Exactly as promised.
  • Garrett Wade Always Saves the Day!

    Dennie, 4/2/2013 My Guy loves these compasses just like he loves everything I have given him from your catalog. You are my go to" place for Christmas, birthday, and whenever I need a gift for him. Every woman should have a copy of your catalog. I can always find a unique quality gift for the man that has everything. Thank you Garrett Wade."
  • High Quality

    Craig Schupp, 3/13/2013 I am a professional carpenter and I use this compass as a scribe tool to fit counter tops etc. to the wall. This is a very high quality precision tool. The biggest draw back is that my coworkers covet it and sometimes disappears.
  • Excellently Made

    Ed, 2/14/2011 This is a beautifully made tool. The weight and heft give ample support to its promise of being much used and long lasting.
  • Close but no cigar

    Doug White, 12/25/2009
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