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Sale Renovator's Pry Bars
For careful separation
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05N26.03 36 In. Oval Shank Wrecking Bar

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05N27.02 28 In. Renovator's Bar

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The black-colored Renovator Bars are designed for carefully prying sections apart, both ends of the bars have long, gradual profiles, so that the ends can easily slip into small cracks and openings without damage to edges or surfaces-the precision of smaller pry bars, but now with huge leverage. Despite their size they are great for careful work.

The gold-colored Wrecking Bars shown are no longer available.

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Overall Rating
  • Home owner

    Sandi, 5/2/2016 This is the perfect size bar for my home projects. It is strong and got the angles necessary for prying or holding something a little upright to be secured in that plane.
  • Worth the dollars

    W, 3/3/2016 Very good for real work. I would recommend. The price is fair esp if on sale.
  • Renovator Bars

    Bill, 3/3/2016 Much improved over the last batch I got. Similar to the original bars I purchased here 5 years ago. Excellent to deconstruction and pulling of nails.
  • Bars Made For Reckin

    Gary Beck, 8/9/2015 The heft of these bars leave no doubt in my mind they'll take on any job, and last.
  • Mr

    Lorin, 2/26/2015 Great tools, they are a great help.
  • Renovator Bars

    Lorin, 2/26/2015 Great bars for slipping in tight cracks.
  • Happy, Happy!!!

    Lisa Dohrwardt, 7/15/2014 My husband is usually miffed when I spend money, but was thrilled to receive this set of bars as a late Father's Day gift. Just what he was looking for!!!
  • Renovator's Bars

    Stephen Checchia, 6/13/2014 I have six different tools purchased to reclaim lumber,restorer's bar, pry bars,crow bars,even a double jawed ripping deck tool with six foot handle.I still lacked a toll that would separate nailed lumber with out damaging the surrounding wood. When I purchased these bars I was skeptical but I found them to be well made for the price. I then proceeded to dismantle 2x4 packing crates with machine imbedded nails, usually possible to separate without damage and splits. The Renovations bars worked perfectly! For the first time I had not destroyed the reclaimed wood. I recommend this set to anyone dealing with projects dealing with salvage lumber. Thanks for a deal on a great product.
  • Wrecking Bars Rock!

    JP, 1/26/2014 Being a master carpenter with years of experience in sustainable building, I've used just about every wrecking made in the de-construct & re-construction of historic buildings. Recycling building materials requires minimal damage to be re-used. Your oval shank wrecking bars rock! Price not to shabby either, 3 bars @ 1/3 the price of 1 of my other bars? Great product at an excellent price! Thanks guys!
  • Wow. Quite Impressed With Quality

    Darell Dickey, 11/1/2013 What can I say? I've had some wrecking bars in my time, and this is REALLY nice. First thing I did was pry up the roots of a citrus tree I gave up on last season. First time I didn't bend the bar I was using! I'm looking forward to a lifetime of use with this bar. These are not for precision" work of course. I may have to get at least one of the black bars as well."
  • Bars

    Jeff, 3/21/2013 Excellent bar for renovation, nice flat ends for prying under moldings etc.
  • Super Bar

    RF, 1/21/2013 Great wrecking bar. Both pretty and tough!
  • Premium Grade!

    DannySea, 6/6/2011 Purchased both full sets over five years previous. I am a Professional Contracting Remodeler. We have used these over and over. They are of such well designed tool-grade steel that only the paint shows any wear. Great Value!
  • Renovator's Bar - A Winner

    Harry, 4/14/2010 It looks like the wrecking bar, but it's a lot gentler to what you're trying to separate. I used it to remove cedar trim from some beams. Since I plan to re-use the cedar, damage was an issue. This tool is well worth the money. And yes it would work fine for demolition too. An honest value.
  • Renovator's Bars

    Robert K. Urquhart, 5/27/2009 I have used Garrett Wade's Renovator's Bar pry bars for numerous renovation jobs and found they can meet the test. When you are working with old lumber and imbedded nails, yet don't want to do more damage than is necessary, the bars work wonders. They give you the torque and leverage you need yet don't gouge their way through the project. I only wish I would have bought them years earlier. They would have saved me a lot of patching and Bondo work back then.
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