XHD Clearance Tool Replacement Parts
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When we saw these, we knew we had some exceptional outdoor work tools. Not only is the leverage striking force of these huge, the 6" tough steel Cutting Blade (under very high tension) is only 0.08" (5/64") thick - permitting clean, quick one-blow penetration of any brush or small trees.

The 22" Clearance Tool can be used one-handed as well as two-handed and the cutting head is in line with the handle - allowing equal facility to both right and left handed users. We see it best used on brush from a few feet off the ground to slighty overhead, although you can certainly reach the ground by bending.

The 34" Clearance Tool is a two-handed-only tool. Its cutting head is offset about 10 degrees from the line of the handle. As the edge is offset, when you swing it the blade will cut closely parallel to the ground. It needs to be swung right to left for right-handed users or ambidextrous lefties. The Cutting Blade itself is double sided. These are handsome, rugged lifetime tools.

See below to watch a video of the simple blade changing method.
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