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Yahtzee-like game from France Ideal for travel & kids love it
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A very popular dice game from France much like our Yahtzee but with a key twist in the rules which, we think, fans will find very compelling. Includes 5 very handsome playing dice packed in a cylinder-shaped container with a screw on cap - all expertly turned from beautiful French boxwood, one of the worlds great woods for ornamental turning, with a dense grain, plenty of figure and rich patina. (The boxwood dice especially have an old world" feel to them that we really like.) The container dimensions are 4-1/4" x 1" diameter. Easy to keep in your pocket or carry on a trip with the family. The Game of Yam makes a wonderful and unexpected stocking stuffer

Dice games are popular in every culture of the world, many of which can be played with this set. Or use your imagination and play by your own rules. Guaranteed to be more fun than what's playing on the back of the headrest.

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  • Game of Yam

    Julie, 3/8/2015 Very handsome turned box. The die are exceptional as well.
  • Yam

    Andy Sharpe, 3/22/2014 I enjoy playing games. This is a very good game.
  • Dice Cup

    John Holland, 12/27/2013 I think its great, I'm ordering 1 more , covering them both in leather & making a travel box for them,
  • Great Find

    Lexington, 6/23/2013 All you need to play any number of dice games, including Yahtzee. Durable boxwood is the same material used to make the handle of the celebrated Opinel knife. You know this product is handmade because there are subtle cosmetic differences in the dice, but the weight and dimensions are consistent. The turned storage tube is just large enough for the dice and has a screw down top. I love products like this because of their timeless quality. It was made recently but it could just as easily have been 100, 500 or 1000 years ago. Difference is that even 100 years ago this would have been a prize possession to a sailor, mason, or teamster who would have had to give up 1, 2 or even more days of wages to acquire it. You can have it for a fraction of that, but without compromising any of the quality. In my book that makes it the very definition of a bargain.
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