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Young Woodworker's Tool Set
Our Young Woodworker's Tool Set contains 24 tools stored in a nicely made folding wood box. Featuring finger-joint corners, interior tool holders and a latch, the box measures 17-1/2 x 15 x 3-1/4" and is made of unfinished birch ply. It makes an ideal junior tool cabinet mounted to your shop wall.

The fully-stocked Set includes 3 saws for both curved and straight cuts (a carpenter's hand saw, a "Gent's-style" backsaw with a miter box, and a deep-throat coping/fret saw with a bench-mount fret saw board for cutting out patterns, curves, etc.). Also included are bullnose pliers (nail pullers), a bevel-edge bench chisel, a woodworking plane, a tack hammer, 2 files, an awl, 3 screwdrivers, extra coping saw blades, a twist gimlet, a brace with bits, an Archimedean push drill with bit, a table vise, a spanner wrench, folding rule and square, a sanding block, some white glue and a paint brush.

This is a fully working set of tools that are well made, age appropriate but not toys. It provides a wonderful way for your child or grandchild (ages 8 & up) to work alongside you while using their own tools kept in their own toolbox. Remember the beneficial role that manual arts training (e.g. "shop") used to play in middle and early high school education? We know the very high value that it played in building personal confidence and competence. Sadly it's lost from most schools today. So it was exciting to find a set of tools that looks back to those times. These tools have good function, are right sized for kids and aren't too expensive.

A Beginner's Projects Pack is also available that includes four 1/8" birch plywood sheets (8 x 11-1/2"), a dozen coping saw blades and some toy-making pattern sheets. It provides excellent skill-building and practice material to help get your child started.
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