102 Piece Hex Driver Bit Set

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Clearance 102 Piece Hex Driver Bit Set
Plus a handy hex ratchet handle
16S01.01 102 Hex Bit Set

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61G01.02 Hex Ratchet Handle Light Duty

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16S01.20 102 Piece Bit Set Plus Handle

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Hex bit drivers (standard 1/4" hex shank) are so handy for fast and efficient work that we are using them more and more, even around the house. Our set of 102 bits (slot, phillips, torx, square, and everything in between) is as great a value as is available. Our 4-1/2" horizontal Ratchet Handle allows you to ratchet (tighten or release) any hex head fastener rapidly.

It's so easy to use, we think it becomes the default go-to tool, unless a high amount of torque is needed. All tips and bits for the Impact Driver set fit the Ratchet Handle. You can get them separately, but to us they make far more sense as a set of two.

Designed specifically for small scale fasteners (slot or phillips screws) and hex head bolts 3/16", 1/4" & 5/16" in diameter.

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Overall Rating
  • Indispensable over the years

    Jake, 3/29/2020 Bought this many years back and it continues to pay off. Every odd shaped screw or bolt I’ve encountered has a matching bit in this set. It’s saved me hours of awkward assembly time being able to slide one of these bits into my power drill.
  • A very good product

    Olden DeCrepid, 12/5/2019 A very nice set; bits seem to be of good quality. However I do wish there had been some provision to attach the ratchet handle to the set. It keeps getting seperated and I have to hunt for it. The handle that came with the set is fair.
  • Hex driver bit set

    Richard E Beason, 10/14/2019 Handy, good quality, has drives for those annoying security fastners
  • Great Addition to the workshop

    archy17, 11/4/2017 Perfect for the craft person or handy one. I use it all the time when I am working on model airplanes or my gun. There are just so many uses.,
  • Bits for Yankee push screwdriver

    Oguz Tanrikulu, 6/12/2017 Goes well with the Yankee push screwdrivers. Could be a few more bits for the money
  • Great product

    Joann Zydallas, 2/18/2017 works real well
  • Very happy customer

    Joann Zydallas, 2/13/2017 Very happy with it and very happy with your service of getting me the handle that wasn't in my my order when it came . Everything was done quick. No long waits like some places will certainly order again from you all.
  • Awesome

    Will, 10/1/2016 All the bits you could want and more!
  • Really great Hex Driver Bit Set

    Bysie Humphries, 3/31/2016 My first purchase from your company (based on a friend's recommendation) and I am very pleased with my purchase! I wanted this Hex Driver bit set to keep in house for KD Furniture assembly and other household needs; along with my needs in the garage. The set is very easy to use, cleans up well and is "sturdy", I will be buying more of your products. High quality!
  • Best Screwdriver Set Ever!

    C Dinegar, 3/13/2016 This set is amazing! There hasn't been a job around the house requiring a screwdriver that I wasn't able to do, and a contractor friend of mine borrowed my set to affix bathroom stall doors, which all required reversed angle screwheads. And my set had ALL the bits necessary for him to finish the job in one day! In fact, my friend as well as his two other workmen ALL bought these sets for themselves when done! And you should've heard the "ooohs" and "aaahs" ad they read through the website, ogling tools that you sure can't get from bloody Sn**-On or S**rs! Best screwdriver set EVER!
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