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Telescopic Fruit Picker
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11G12.18 Telescopic Fruit Picker

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With a reach that extends up to 10’, there will be very few places on a fruit tree that this tool can’t get to, even from the ground. A simple cutter above the collection bag, operated by a hand grip at the bottom of the pole, ensures that the fruit will drop safely into the bag (large enough to hold about 10 apples). Whether you have one or two trees or a small orchard, this is a fine and useful piece of gear that lets you harvest your fruit trees without lugging a ladder from place to place. Comes highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Best Fruit Picker

    Robert E. Bosso, 6/20/2019 I have been looking for a fruit picker of this quality for years. Most are very difficult to use with fragile fruit (e.g., figs) because they require twisting the fruit off the tree. This one neatly slices it at the stem and it drops into a soft (replaceable) bag. The over all quality is excellent, lightweight, but durable.
  • Fantastic Fruit Picker

    Susan, 6/1/2019 Perfect for picking fruit. Works great and is well made.
  • Excellent and sturdy fruit picker

    Chau Pyatt, 5/24/2019 This fruit picker is great! I now can pick my mangoes with great ease without bruising them in the process ! Will recommend it to all my friends!
  • Telescoping Fruit PIcker

    K. Weathers, 4/30/2019 My husband loved the fruit picker! He has been trying to create one out of poles and a bucket with no success. Thanks for a great item. P.S. I asked for the lawn broom for Mother's Day.
  • owner of fruit orchard

    Jenny Franklin, 4/28/2019 Decided to buy 3 of these fruit pickers to pick Loquats that are too high for me to reach. A wonderful tool to have, fits my need. Will be using them to pick Asian Pears and Persimmons when they are ready.
  • Telescopic fruit picker

    Orville , 4/20/2019 Works like a champ. Feel soo good when I'm harvesting my oranges
  • John

    John Green, 4/20/2019 Well made tool. Basket is the ideal size, sturdy and removable. Length is easily adjusted. My only complaint is the latch that automatically holds the blade and handle closed with each squeeze. Unscrewing the spring that holds the latch is easy to do and fixes the problem.
  • Great tool

    Paul Jimenez, 1/15/2019 Purchased as a gift and mom is very happy to get her avocados that were out of I dont have to worry about my mom climbing a tree!
  • MJM

    Mike Moore, 1/13/2019 This is a great product. Excellent quality. I use it to cut the stems on tangerines too high on the tree to get easily with a ladder. I found it worked best for me without the bag which limited how close I could get to the fruit. No more need to risk climbing up a stepladder.
  • Must Have Tool For Your Fruit Trees

    LB, 1/3/2019 Works great. Great price. Husband loves it. Much better than traditional fruit picker basket.
  • Telescopic Fruit Picker

    Joan, 12/27/2018 Love it!! Greatest item since sliced bread. We have been searching for this exact fruit picking tool for years. Works great.
  • Basket Pruner and harvetster

    CRFouquette, 12/26/2018 She loved it My 4 ft wife.
  • Fruit picker

    Tamara, 10/27/2018 As soon as we got our package my husband went to try it out! He loved it! It’s very simple to use and works great! Now we have an awesome avocado picker! Thanks Garrett Wade Company.
  • Great product!

    Jan Peel, 10/21/2018 This apple/ fruit picker is awesome! As we have aged climbing up and down ladders can become tedious. Harvesting our apples this year has been a breeze. The tool is well constructed and easy to use. You don't need a strong grip to work the handle cutter. The fruit falls gently into the sack, which comes with the picker. We liked it so much we purchased one for my sister to use in her orchard.
  • Works!

    Jeff, 10/19/2018 It actually works better than I expected it to, keeps me away from those deadly Citrus thorns.

    Dan Grant, 10/11/2018 While I wish it were a little heavier quality, it worked EXACTLY as I had hoped it would. The bag only holds about 4 or 5 large avocados, but the cutting mechanism works quite well. It makes clean cuts and the fruit drops right into the bag. I suspect it will work just as well with citrus and even persimmons. No more pulling and tearing branches!
  • Worked exactly as advertised!

    Janet, 10/7/2018 We can now easily harvest the lemons and limes at the top of our trees!
  • Telescopic fruit picker

    Winona Weber, 10/2/2018 Just what we were looking for! Less trauma to our avocado trees with the sharp cutter to the stem and no air rotting our precious avos. Very sturdy and easy to use.very happy customer. I have used tools with ropes to pull but it seems as though the rope stretches and you don’t get quite a clean cut. Thank you for making a quality product and I hope we get several years of use out of our fruit picker!
  • Telescopic Picker

    Linda , 9/21/2018 The Telescopic fruit picker works fairly well. I purchased it to pick peaches from a very tall tree. I didn't have any problems attaching the net to the handle. I attached it on the opposite side of the red plastic overlay. I made sure the basket arms were Between the two split washers and then finger tightened the wing nut. The basket seems secure. I think it's probably important to have the washers on either side of the basket arm rather than two on one side. Don't know do I, because there were no instructions. I then discovered the blades wouldn't work until I extended the pole. I thought I would be able to use the fruit picker without extending it, for the lower branches, but no. When the peaches are hanging from a small twig/branch, it was fairly easy to cut the branch and have the peach fall in the basket. Unfortunately however, the majority of the peaches are attached directly to a branch too large to be cut, and in that case I had to keep shoving the peach with the picker until it fell in the basket, sometimes. Other times it dropped to the ground, which I was trying to avoid because it bruises the fruit.
    All in all, I think the picker did a decent job of getting the fruit off a very, very tall tree, but I think it's better suited for fruit with smaller stems that the blades can get to. The blades are definitely sharp enough, they do a good job of cutting, even if the branch is a little larger than a stem. Having said all that, I still think The Telescopic Fruit Picker is probably the best tool for the job.
  • Impossible task -SOLVED!!!!!

    Pete Callamaras, 9/9/2018 The Telescopic Fruit Picker - FINALLY the solution to the almost impossible task of picking ripe persimmons with no damage to the fruit! All the other fruit pickers I tried mangled or tore the fruit because they use tines, like a lawn rake to pull them off. Then I tried the coffee/soda bottle can with “V” notch, same thing. They left the stem and mangled fruit hanging on the branch. Not fair for the birds to enjoy and not me! So - it was get the ladder out, climb the ladder, hand cut some off the branch, drop in the bag, climb down the ladder, move the ladder to the next branch as I go around the tree then put the ladder away. Unfortunately, the fruit ripens at different rates over a couple of weeks so you don't get them all at once. Now I just grab my Fruit picker, go around the tree, get the ripe ones, and done until the next few are ready. I have had as many as 400 persimmons on the tree, so I leave it you to imagine the time savings, not to mention the wear and tear on my ladder and my knees! Summing it up – one of the best, most efficient and effective tools for picking persimmons have ever found – thanks to the Garrett Wade team for coming up with it!!!!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner September 2018 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Pete!!
  • Just the perfect tool

    Ozy, 9/9/2018 This is one of the easiest to use and best designed picking tools I have ever seen. Bought it to specifically pick figs and it delivers. Wish if it was a couple of feet longer..
  • Great construction qualities

    Pak, 8/26/2018 I have been using the picker for more than a week now – as soon as it arrived. I simply love it.
    Pluses: Package arrived California in perfect conditions; it was well bubble-wrapped. I was very impressed with the overall qualities of the materials used for the picker; the cutter (top portion) of the pole appears to be made of stainless steel and sharp; relatively light weight over all. Extremely easy to put the picker in action as soon as it arrived; to me there was only one logical way to attach the canvas basket to the pole and I was not looking for any instructional manual at all. I have been using the common extension wire basket pole for several years but this pole is the only that I could find to help me with the picking of figs (smaller and soft) and other smaller fruits like apricots etc. without damaging the fruits and/or small tree limbs. Naturally, picking the larger fruits like Asian pears, persimmons, and etc. is much easier without damaging the fruits either.
    An additional Ground Shipping Surcharge of $10 applies.” but this is understandable; the package came in with a 6’ tall cardboard box due to the length of the pole
    I did notice the ‘thread-stripping’ tissue that other reviewers mentioned. I just didn’t force or over tighten the thumbscrews and this didn’t create any problem for me at all.
    It would be great if there were a way to override the ‘safety feature’ when the picker is in use and keep the ‘knife’ in an open position after each cut without having to manually releasing it.
  • Extremely useful tool for harvesting fruit in Hawaii

    Janet, 5/11/2018 I searched all over the internet and in the few hardware stores near me for a product like this. I found only 3 candidates. The most common candidate was a readily-available device that pulls fruit off of the tree. Unfortunately, this device leaves a hole where the stem used to be, and insects get inside, so I ruled out that device. The other candidate doesn't have a snipping tool like this one -- it just has a razor. So I chose this one, and I have been happy with it. We use it to harvest fruit that we can't reach with our arms while standing on the ground, which includes oranges, tangerines, papayas, starfruit, and avocados. It takes some skill to position the clippers correctly, and it takes some strength to hold the pole out a long ways, but I can't imagine a better mechanism than this to accomplish to task. Our house guests have enjoyed the challenge of picking fruit from high on the tree, so this tool also serves as entertainment for guests.
  • Excellent Picker with minor shortcomings

    Gearmaster, 11/5/2017 I have a home orchard with over 60 fruit trees that I planted a decade ago, and this is the best picker I have found or used, and I highly recommend it… I just wish I had purchased it sooner. It is worth the price being asked. For the last couple years I have used the type of extension pole with basket that has metal tines or “fingers” that grab the fruit by raking the tines just above the fruit. However, on stubborn fruits that are hard to separate from the tree, such as Asian Pears, certain apples, and Asian persimmons, that style would sometimes damage the fruit or send the fruit flying to somewhere other than the basket, and it would damage the leaves and small limbs. This picker is the answer to those problems.

    Despite my praise, I do have four nitpicks for which I deducted one star. First, as others have mentioned, it does not come with assembly or user instructions. While I didn’t have a problem as a result, I still feel it should come with them. I simply pulled up a photo of the picker from the website to see which side is “up” when affixing the basket. I didn’t have any of the thread-stripping problems that other reviewers mentioned, as I heeded their warnings and affixed the thumbscrews very carefully. Secondly, the pole comes with an affixed adjustable plastic folding forearm grip. While very helpful and useful, it is very difficult to keep it in the open position… it has a plastic knurled thumb-screw that I can’t seem to be able to tighten enough, and I’m nervous about over-tightening it and cracking the plastic. So the forearm grip could definitely be improved. Third, it comes with a plastic trigger grip that swivels around. I am concerned about the long-term durability of the plastic, although I haven’t had any problems yet, and I dislike the way the grip swivels. Although sometimes the swiveling is useful, more often than not it isn’t. I could get a more steady reach if I could somehow lock it in place. Lastly, the basket is permanently affixed/angled in one position. What I mean is that the basket only stays open beneath the fruit when the cutter is in the horizontal position. If you need to use the cutter in a vertical position, which I needed to frequently do on my persimmon trees, the basket hangs to the side and not under the fruit. If the picker had been designed to allow the basket to swivel under the cutter in any position, or if there were a way to adjust the basket manually to another position, that would have been much better.

    Despite my nitpicks, I still think it is a great buy, and I wouldn’t let my reservations deter you. It’s just good to know what could be improved and what to expect beforehand before making the purchase. It’s definitely better than anything else out there, and it is the safest because it keeps you off a ladder and it keeps the fruits from falling on your noggin (most of the time). I have used this for only one harvest season so far, and it has held up well despite my aforementioned concerns, as has all tools I’ve purchased from Garret and Wade, and if a problem does arise, I know that they would take care of it.
  • Good product with minor fixable problem.

    Arthur Sigler, 10/15/2017 Haven't had a chance to actually use it yet because fruit season is over here. The construction appears solid and functional. I did examine the threads mentioned in other reviews and they were not cut very well. I have a tape and die set so I chased the threads with a die and they cleaned up nicely. That little problem is resolved. I believe it is worth the money paid.
  • Great tool

    David Lunsford, 9/24/2017 This is one of the easiest to use and best designed picking tools I have ever seen. We bought it to specifically to pick elderberries in the wild and it delivers.

  • Must Have For Fruit Tree Owners

    Adam, 11/2/2016 I guess it would be better if it came w/instructions but I never gave it any thought until reading the other reviews. I didn't have the same problem w/the threads other than one of the nuts was hard to get started. Before getting this had been using an old one w/metal basket & hooks that just pull the fruit off. This is far superior tool & a breeze to use. Wish I had found & bought this years ago.
  • A Great Product with a Few Minor Quality Control Flaws.

    C E VOIGTSBERGER, 10/8/2016 First the bad news: I agree with Mike Sanderson, the threads on the bag wire are poorly chased. The hex nuts and wing nuts must be very carefully threaded on to the holder. Curing it is simple, a quick trip to your local, not megachain, hardware store will enable you to obtain a die that will turn new threads and you can purchase new hex and wing nuts. BUT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. This unit came without a word of instruction. Not to worry, if you can open your car door and start your car you should be able to put the bag on the pole. One word of caution. The bag goes on the side with the red spacer. If you try to put the bag on the side w/o the spacer (as I did) you won't be able to tighten the wing nuts and may bugger up the threads on the bag wire.The holes in the cutter head were not quite large enough for the threaded ends of the bag holder. Apparently the subcontractor for the bag holder didn't read the spec sheet or he was the extremely low bidder. It was a simple matter to run a drill bit through the holes to enlarge them just a mm or two. BUT ONE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO.

    Now the good news. This picker is great!!! I wish I had bought it years ago. I didn't really learn about it until I was watching Japanese TV program about older farmers in Japan and I saw an old woman picking persimmons with this picker. WOW!!! I told my wife I had to find one like it so I could pick our persimmon trees easier. The picker arrived this afternoon and I have already put it to work. It makes picking fruit a cinch. Much easier than that basket thingey that I had to pull the fruit off the tree and wreck a couple of branches in the process. If you have fruit trees and you don't have this picker, unless you have a professional crew come in you must have this picker. G.W. You need to jack up your supplier and improve product quality just a little bit
  • poor threads

    Mike Sanderson, 8/12/2016 The threads on the basket mounting wire are poorly done . While tightening I could feel that the threads were about to I stopped. Otherwise I'm pleased I'm not sure what I am going to do when these threads pull out.
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