12" Woodworker’s Clamp

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12" Woodworker’s Clamp
18C02.01 12 in. Woodworker Clamp

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18C02.10 12 in. Woodworker Clamp (2)

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Experienced woodworkers always say “you can never have enough clamps in your shop”, and they’re right. Pick up a few of these old school Woodworkers’ Clamps, with traditional red-painted wood screw-handles and strong Ductile cast iron jaws. The jaws have a throat depth of 5½" and removable pads to cushion and protect. These are great in the workshop, but can also be used as a second pair of hands on roving chores around the house. This writer used one recently to steady a plant hook from a ladder while screwing it to a post. Even more useful as a pair.

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