147 Piece Driver & Drill Bit Kit

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Sale 147 Piece Driver & Drill Bit Kit
A huge variety of tooling for your shop
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07K04.01 147 Piece Driver & Drill Bit Kit

Available 10/01/2018

Regular Price: $52.60

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This very large set comes complete with two drivers: a T-Handle and a Stubby Left/Right ratchet drive; plus over 140 long and stubby bits of every conceivable variety. A great value, and conveniently packed in a handsome aluminum fitted case.

Please note: the handle color may be either yellow (as shown) or red.

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Overall Rating
  • Wrong material — basically a throw-away

    Ulrich Ernst, Ph.D., 2/19/2016 The metal used is not hardened, meaning that the tip will get blunted right away. In other words, any screw is harder than the material used for this.
    I have used several bits, and they are all no longer useable after one operation. It all looks good, but is really not up to the task.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the 147 Piece Driver & Bit Kit. We are sorry to hear you aren't happy with it. Please feel free to return it for a refund.
  • Not worth spending your money

    Dave, 11/8/2015 I bought this kit because I'm starting arthritis in my hands and thought the T-handle would be a big help. The idea of the design was good but the ratchet handle mechanism is pathetic.....absolutely worthless. Without force on it, the ratchet mechanism works satisfactorily, but when trying to back out several screws at the rear of the inside of a cabinet.....not worth squat. I was sorely disappointed after so many other Garret Wade items worked so well. Of course, I didn't save the shipping label for return, so I guess I'm stuck with this highly ineffective tool. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Sub-par for GW. The most desirable feature was the most disappointing.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the 147 Piece Driver & Bit Kit. Your email address was not submitted in order for us to send you a return label. Please get in touch with our customer service department to request a return label. They can be reached at our 1-800 number. Our apologies for your dissatisfaction with this item.
  • Nice Tool

    Darryl, 6/17/2015 Nice set came well packaged.
  • Great Product

    Charlie Savary, 4/27/2015 Very, very handy for any shop.
  • T Handle Screwdriver

    Lisa Sheridan, 3/16/2015 I ordered this screwdriver because I have arthritis in my hands and thought this would be easier to use, and I was right. I am delighted at the ratcheting action and ease of use. It allows me to use more force with less effort.
  • Disappointed

    Tim in Ca, 7/26/2014 I had thought that after waiting four months for this back ordered set, it was probably due to the popularity of the item. However , upon receiving it, I was really disappointed in the quality of both the ratchet and T-handle. The mechanism is really cheaply made, almost toy-like and the case , which appeared decently made, was of the same caliber. I am not sure if the original lot were also of this poor quality, but this set is laughable as a tool.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a review on the 147 Piece Driver & Bit Set. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with it. We have sold many of these with success. However, you may feel free to return it using the return label which was included. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Good Set

    Tom, 12/9/2013 I received this set as a gift and when I opened it some of the parts were rusty. So ok I was disappointed but no big deal they still work fine. A few weeks later I received an email saying that some of the kits sent out contained the rusty bits and that was not something Garrett Wade would stand for and the kits containing the rusty bits would be replaced. All I had to do was let Garrett Wade know if mine was one of those kits and a new one would be on its way as soon as possible. No need to return the old kit either. That is good customer service which is just as valuable as good quality tools. Garrett Wade will be on my list of places to continue to do business with.
  • Complete

    Stephen Beggs, 3/25/2013 This is a very complete kit , all the locations for the bits are labeled on the foam and it comes in a durable Aluminum case.
  • Driver & bit kit

    Hop Crowder Jr., 3/8/2013
  • Big Brother

    Ken Leone, 1/2/2013 Bought for my older brother who is very successful and is hard to buy for. He was impressed with the assortment of bits and drivers and explained to anyone who would listen what each was used for. Should have bought one for myself!
  • Just what I needed

    Tom, 1/13/2011 This is just what I needed and more. Has been put to work on firearms and lathe / mill machine breaking loose various screws and and bolts
  • Versatile and effective

    Jim, 1/3/2011 Very comprehensive collection of driver bits with two handy handles to do the job. Got two of these for my adult children - they love the kits.
  • Reasonable value

    Mike D, 4/15/2010 Missing the last star because of the poor fit of the tools to the foam cut-outs, (easily remedied with a knife) and the easily deformed metal case. The tools themselves are fine, and overall it's a very good value.
  • very complete selection of bits

    Greg, 2/8/2010 This kit contains every security fastener bit I will ever need. A huge bonus is the long pattern bits for the most used standard fasteners. the secure case makes it easy to toss in my tool bag without worrying about spilled and lost bits.
  • Every bit I'll ever need

    Just Jim, 9/22/2009 I bought this driver and bit set for my son and liked it so much that I am ordering another for my self. This set really does contain every bit that I will ever need and more.
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