2-Fold Solid Brass Antique Rule

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2-Fold Solid Brass Antique Rule
02D12.04 2-Fold Solid Brass Antique Rule

Available 02/14/2020


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As another precursor to the familiar steel measuring tape we all rely on today, these were in extensive use from the late 19th century well though WWII. All were made by John Rabone & Sons, a famous English tool maker, in Birmingham and were found in every woodworking shop. Folded it's naturally a foot long. They are relatively rare today and hard to find. We have about 30 in stock. Looks like a gem.

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  • Good Quality Ruler

    Tom, 12/23/2014 Good quality antique ruler. Not for precise measurement but brings back good memories of products that were made with care from good quality materials.
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